How to Color Salt with Chalk

How to Color Salt with Chalk

There are many art projects that call for colored salt. When you find out how easy it is to do, you’ll be looking for projects to use up your salt so you can make more! It is also so kid friendly, even toddlers can join in the fun. Join us and learn how to color salt with chalk!


How to Color Salt with Chalk:

Start by picking out the chalk colors you would like to use. Make sure to select nice bright colors. Also, do not buy “dustless” chalk. You want the dust!

The amount of salt you use doesn’t matter. It depends on the project you are doing. We were making Rangoli with our salt, so we placed 1/2 cup of salt in 6 different bags to make 6 different colors. Of course, you don’t need to add color to get white!

Once you have salt in a Ziplock bag, add 1 full piece of sidewalk chalk into the. Seal the bag removing most of the air. Make sure the bag is sealed completely.

On a hard surface, like a table, roll the chalk back and forth between your palms and the table. Occasionally, shake the bag to mix the salt.

Keep rolling the chalk back and forth until you achieve the desired color. Remove the chalk from the bag. You will be amazed at how little chalk was used to create the color! Your salt is now ready to work with. Store unused salt in the Ziplock bags.

Beautiful, rich colors, ready for projects.


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