Delicate Embroidered Circle

Delicate Embroidered Circle

Yesterday, I shared photos of the embroidered piece I was working on… Little Girl Wearing A Hat… a bear hat, no less! I purchased this pattern from LiliPopo. 

You can find the original post, with lots more photos HERE.

You can visit LiliPopo's Etsy shop HERE.

I decided to turn my embroidered picture into a pillow for Little Lady. Because I want the center panel to be a square, I embroidered a ring around the girl, which I think will look nicely spaced in a square. 

Here is the simple pattern I created to make this Delicate Embroidered Circle.

Materials Needed:

3 strands of embroidery floss – 2 colors
Embroidery needle
Water erasable marker
7" embroidery hoop


Note: All stitches use 3 strands of floss.

Begin by making a copy of the pattern.

There are 2 ways you can proceed. First, you can transfer the pattern onto the fabric using a light box and a water erasable marker or tracing paper.

– OR –

Using your smooth inside hoop from your 7" embroidery hoop, center the ring around the inside embroidered piece (my girl), and trace around the design with a water erasable marker. That's what I did. Because of the simple pattern, and because your embroidered design does not need to match the pattern exactly, you can do it free hand.

The first stitch you will be using is a Whipped Running Stitch. Begin by stitching a running stitch around the circle. The exact size of the stitches is not as important as getting them even. Look at the pattern to see approximate size.  

To do the 2nd part of this stitch, bring your needle up directly under one of your running stitches, being careful not to go through the running stitch. Coming from the outside of the circle to the inside of the circle, slide your needle under the next running stitch. Note: I push through the eye end of the needle first, since it is blunt and will not poke through the fabric or the running stitches. Continue wrapping each running stitch, always entering the stitches from the outside of the ring. When you get all the way around to your first running stitch, poke your needle under the stitch and tie off on back.

Refer to the pattern for the remainder of the stitch names and placement. Directions on how to make the remainder of the stitches can be found on Wee Folk Art's Stitch Glossary found HERE.

Obviously, this Delicate Embroidered Ring can frame any embroidery piece you make. The stitches are easy to do and give a nice, finished look to your embroidered projects. As soon as the dust settles in our house, literally, and I can uncover my sewing machine, I will turn this into a pillow using our Vine Crook House Pillow Tutorial found HERE.


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Photos: 4-1-14, 3-31-14



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