Three Girls In Hats Embroidery Project

Three Girls In Hats Embroidery Project

Early in March, I happened upon these adorable embroidery patterns from LiliPopo.

The girls and I promptly fell in love, and I purchased the PDF download from LiliPopo’s Etsy Shop. As soon as I gathered a few supplies, Pixie, Fairy, their friend Sprite, Michelle and I had a wonderful evening of stitching. Embroidery is new to the girls, and it was wonderful watching them make their first few stitches. Magical!

Pixie hard at work… or is that hard at play? The girls just learned how to backstitch.

Fairy is moving right along, as Sprite gets a few pointers from me on how to deal with knotted threads! Dash those knotted threads!

Between snow storms and a family vacation, our embroidery group hasn’t gotten back together… but I think we will be back on track this week. The girls are all anxious to learn more stitches.

I did finish mine, and it came out so cute!

Of course, when you are done stitching something, you have to decide what to do with it. I was making this little girl for Little Lady. After a discussion with LL’s mom, we decided to turn it into a pillow. Because the little girl is a tall rectangle, and I want the center embroidery panel to be square, I decided to add a circular design around the girl. I will share the directions for making the Delicate 7″ Embroidered Ring in the next day or two.


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  1. Oh how I wish we lived around you or someone like you willing to share your skills with young people. Just isn’t enough of that happening. You should start a bona fide club/guild/society and go global with it!!! I’d love to host a chapter in Memphis!


    1. OMG wouldn’t THAT be incredible. Couldn’t agree with you more, Cali Lou. We are definitely missing those creative role models. I’ve often dreamed of the fairies flying Kimara out to our neck of the woods. Her children and grandchildren should have to share 😉

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