Faces and Hair – Spoon Dolls part four

Faces and Hair – Spoon Dolls part four

Once the bodies were done, it was time for the faces. I had the kids tell me what they wanted. They were very specific. Fairy wanted pink checks, gold hair and big, red lips. Bug wanted angry eyebrows and a Not-Smiling but Not-frowning face… very serious. We drew a couple mock-up and once we were happy with the look I lightly drew them on the spoons. I used acrylic paints. A toothpick was helpful for the small details.

I didn’t have any roving on hand… at least not in the right colors so we decided to use yarn for the hair. I wrapped the yarn around a book many times until I got to the desired thickness. I cut the yarn off the book on one side and then tied a piece of yarn around the bunch of yard in the center. This held it together and created a part. We glued the yarn to the spoon on the tops, sides and back.



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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