Wool Penny Coaster Directions

Wool Penny Coaster Directions


Take the traditional wool penny design, pick three colors of wool felt, and in hours you can make a set of coasters that are both lovely and functional. Tie them with a coordinating bow and you have a charming gift for the holidays!


Wool Penny Coaster Materials (makes 6 coasters):

  • 3 – 12” x 12” pieces of felt (use three different colors)
  • 1 – 9” x 12” piece of cotton or wool batting (dense, not fluffy)
  • Coordinating embroidery floss
  • 1 yard ribbon for tying (optional)
  • Pattern

Wool Penny Coaster Directions:

[1] Make copies of the pattern.
[2] From each color cut out 4 large circles, 2 medium circles and 2 small circles. Also, cut out 6 batting pieces.

[3] Each coaster consists of 2 matching large circles, 1 medium circle, 1 small circle and 1 piece of batting. Lay out each coaster so no two are alike.

[4] For each coaster center the small circle on the medium circle and attach by using a blanket stitch and 6 strands of embroidery floss. Place these circles in the center of the large circle and attach by using a blanket stitch and 6 strands of embroidery floss.

[5] Using contrasting embroidery floss, embroider a star in the center of the smallest circle. You will be sewing through all 3 layers. Use the photos and pattern for “how to”. (Hint: To mark the star, I centered the bottom of a Chapstick tube in the middle of the small circle and pushed hard enough to leave a deep indentation. I used this as a guide. If you lose the star before you are done, simple do it again.)


[6] Place the batting in the center of the matching large circle. Place the appliquéd matching circle on top of the backing and batting so the finished side is facing out.



[7] Use a blanket stitch and 6 strands of embroidery floss to attach the front to back.

[8] Stack the completed 6 coasters on top of each other and tie with a coordinating bow.




  1. I keep coming back to your site – you have lovely things here and I wanted to thank you for all the inspiration and the beautiful patterns you have been putting up for free use!

    I love these coasters! I keep wondering though, because of the different layers of felt, that keep getting smaller, doesn’t the coaster get a bit wobbly? For instance if you use it for a glass??

    Thanks again!


    1. As long as your glass or cup is stable without a coaster these work great! Glasses that have a narrow bottom and ones that are very light or are top heavy will be more unstable on this coaster or any fabric based coaster than when placed directly on a flat surface. I have used mine without any problem. If using thick felt, this would create a hill that could be problematic.

      1. thanks… I will have to look into thinner felt then…

        These would make a lovely present…

  2. Love this websight. It is very cold and snowy here and was trying to find something new to get started on for the winter.


    1. So glad you are enjoying WFA Susan 🙂 Making wool pennies are fast and fun. Perfect project to work on while sitting in front of your fireplace at home or small enough to take along and work on while waiting at the doctors! Stay warm and enjoy your magical winter wonderland!

  3. Beautiful and fun patterns you are sharing, thank you!
    I’m curious where the term ‘penny/pennies’ comes from?

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