Fur and Feathers Field Trip

Fur and Feathers Field Trip


The Fun on the Farm theme for this week was Fur and Feathers (kids activity at our local petting farm). It was a perfect tie in for us and a beautiful day so we packed up and headed to the farm.


There was a brief demonstration and explanation of the difference between animals with fur or feathers. Mainly they classified the farm animals into one group or the other. They read a couple stories, had a snack, did a quick craft and then out on the farm we went.



The kids favorite part was getting to lead one of the goats around on a rope (even better than walking the dog, something they always fight over). It became too difficult for me to try and keep up with the three kids going in opposite directions, carry all the coats (because it really warmed up) and not damage my camera in the process so there are unfortunately no outdoor shots just the ones from in the barn.


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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