Getting Focused

Getting Focused

Michelle and I are very lucky. Not only are we mother/daughter, but we’re also kindred spirits. We share a lot of very admirable qualities…but on the flip side…we also share several, hmmm, let’s just call them personality quirks. One of them is our tendency to fly off in several directions at once. So many things excite us, that it’s often hard to stay focused! This can be pesky for one person, but multiple it by two, and it can spell chaos! Take the blog. Originally, our plan was to share “Folk Art” projects. Wools and felting, “Wee Folk” and children’s toys. But, before we knew it, we’re off in all sorts of different directions, and feeling like we’re not doing any of them justice.

So, with the “new look” we talked about a couple of weeks ago, we are putting on blinders, and trying to get focused. We want to talk about and share “folksy” stuff. I love our Gnome Home and I’m constantly fussing with it. It’s a bit of a joke that sometimes my house can be in a total state of pandemonium, but my Gnome House is always company ready! We love working with wool and felting. We love simple, wooden toys, and getting the children involved in the creative process whenever possible. (Bug and I are presently in cahoots designing a huge undertaking!)  Anyway, we truly want to get back to our original vision. We are hopeful that over the next few weeks, our blog will reflect these changes, and create a welcoming environment that encourages visits and participation. Hope you enjoy!


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