Under the Bed

All those left over topics that don’t seem to match anywhere else… like that lost sock under the bed.

The Boys went to see all thing Geek last weekend at the 2011 Maker Faire. Bug, Daddy and Othy all had a blast. Othy is a computer engineer, Daddy is a Mechanical Engineer and Bug is definitely an engineer in training. Based on how excited they all were when theyRead More →

Just a reminder… if you are not a fan of Wee Folk Art on Facebook, ya should be! This is the place where Michelle and I get to share some of our favorite crafting from all around the web world. Which brings up the point… have you or the wee ones just made a super projectRead More →

Trailing Vine Star Ornament Just a couple three things I wanted to mention this morning before I got sucked into the weekend! First, even if you’re making most of your own gifts this holiday season… kudos to you BTW… if you’re in need of a few purchased items, visit theRead More →

Thank you for your interest in the Wee Folk Art Sponsorship & Advertising Program. This page has moved to: https://weefolkart.com/sponsor-info/Read More →

We get asked all the time about the tools we use while crafting. We are trying to compile a list of the items we feel are a must haves as well as some of the nice to haves ;). The format of this page may change as we play withRead More →

A couple of our most frequently asked questions are… “Can we sell items we make with your patterns?” and “What does copyright mean?” We are in the process of finishing up Wee Folk Art’s official “Q & A” link, which will answer those questions and a bunch more. In the meantime, we’ve beenRead More →

Are you one of our regular readers? Do you have a Facebook account  or just want to see what’s going on? If so, click on over to Wee Folk Art’s new Facebook Page. Facebook gives us a chance to share things that don’t totally fit our blog’s format. So… ifRead More →

Just letting everyone know Michelle and I will be “off” this weekend. All 5 of our children will be home, and there will be much merriment ensuing! Adam, from South Carolina, flew in last night, Drew and his wife Meghan will be driving in today, and our youngest, Mike, andRead More →

Most of you know that Michelle home schools her three children. Bug is 6, Fairy is 4 and Pixie is 2. She’s had a very lovely blog over at Natures Way Learning where she shared curriculum ideas, activities and other family happenings. We have decided to more closely link WeeRead More →

For all of you sweethearts out there that link to our site, first off, we say thanks! In Blogdom, word of mouth is the “bestest” way for us to share our FREE Patterns with so many. Next, Michelle has just created two new buttons if you would like to includeRead More →

flickr   Our flickr link has been down for the past few weeks, but it’s up again, and we are delighted to see someone posted a pic of an adorable flower fairy they made using one of our patterns. It is always so much much for us when our readersRead More →

When Michelle and I first started Wee Folk Art, we planned to offer a monthly pattern that would only be available for registered users. At he time the benefits of being a registered user were access to patterns that the casual reader did not get, the ability to post comments,Read More →

  For the past couple of months, I have been on a hiatus from my other blog, One Generation To Another. I know I have a lot of readers here at Wee Folk Art that often visited One Gen. I just wanted to let those readers know that One GenRead More →

  Like most of you, the next couple of weeks are going to be very busy! Starting, gulp, day after tomorrow, our home will be swarming with out-of-town guests, and the celebrating will begin. Although I couldn’t be happier, I do feel like a deer in headlights. Rather stunned. Where did all theRead More →

Sigh… we have been trying to work with our new blog theme but are finding some inherent errors in the programing. So LOL – we will be changing things up yet again. Once we find the right fit I swear we will stop re-designing every other week (trust me –Read More →

Anyone want to guess what this is? Perhaps the inside of my wastebasket? Or the floor after I’ve finished a project? (Uh, no it isn’t BUT this IS what my floor looks like after I’ve finished a project! Why aim for the wastebasket when the floor is so much moreRead More →

Michelle and I have a tendency to view inadament objects, like our homes, as living, breathing, organic entities that must continuously evolve or face extinction. It’s not surprising that we’d treat our blog in the same manner. And that should explain why the look of our blog is changing yetRead More →