Harvest Time Second Edition

Harvest Time Second Edition

Harvest Time Second Edition

Harvest Time is a 12 week long, literature based, hands-on curriculum that has been designed to be used with 4-6 year old children as a gentle introduction to their school years. This seasonal based unit includes literature, social studies, art appreciation, crafts, and science. It is the first term of a 3 term schedule that focuses on the rhythm of the seasons with a special emphasis on holidays and nature. To complete your 36 week school year,…


It is finally here! The updated, edited, and hot off the presses Harvest Time Second Edition. It has truly been a labor of love to go back through our Homeschool Companion Guides and fix some of the glaring typos that have horrified us for years. The Harvest Time Second Edition includes an updated book list, a few new craft projects, the much requested materials list, and a variety of different journal pages.

We are excited to say that the PDF is now interactive with direct links to all of the books and is tablet ready. For those of you who prefer to work with a printed version, it is available as a print-on-demand booklet.

The updated version is available three different ways.

PDF FILE (FREE): Harvest Time Second Edition is available as an updated Weekly Schedule and Craft List PDF directly from our website. You can use the updated schedule and list in conjunction with the original version (which will remain available as-is on our site). All planner and journal pages that are currently available on our site will also remain available.

DIGITAL MAGAZINE (FREE): Harvest Time Second Edition is available in a fully interactive digital file. With a digital copy you can either use the guide online or download it as a PDF to your computer. Once you have downloaded the PDF you can make as many copies as you need for use with your own family. You can print the whole file and then save it in a binder, or you can just print off the planner and journal pages as needed using the schedule on your computer or tablet. When you create an account at Magcloud, all of your digital purchases will be saved in your Digital Library. It is also available as an iPad app. Note: A Digital copy comes free with a Print edition.

PRINT $12: Harvest Time Second Edition is available in full color printed edition. For years we have received requests asking if our units will ever be available in a printed edition. We are happy to now be able to offer this option to our readers. If you would like to hold the unit in your hand and work from a nicely printed and bound copy you may enjoy purchasing a printed version. Purchasing a printed copy will also save you time and printer ink. Our units are printed on demand, in full color, on heavy stock paper. They are saddle bound which opens flat, making it easy to photocopy journal and planner pages. This is a great option if you are like me and in our digital world, still enjoy having a printed version in your hands. You will also receive a free digital copy with your print version. Note: We have not yet received our printed copy to review but wanted to make this option available asap since so many of you are getting ready to start the unit. We will post photos of the printed edition once we receive it.

We have chosen to work with Magcloud.com to host, print, and sell our new units. This allows us to offer both the digital and print versions. It is also very easy for us to update our units as needed, using Magcloud. This is a complete new system for us so please let us know how it works for you. We have kept prices low, most of which goes to covering the actual cost of the materials and service fees with Magcloud. We will always keep the First Edition available as-is on our site as well. We know how much that has helped so many families. We hope these new options will help even more families enjoy our units. The rest of the Simple Seasons Homeschool Guides are currently in the works for updated editions. I do not have a release date for Winter Wonderland yet, but hope to have it available soon.

DON’T FORGET! If you are working on the Simple Seasons Units, please come and share your experiences and photos in our new Wee Folk Art Community Center forums.



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