Autumn Candlesticks

Autumn Candlesticks

Back from our week’s little break. Did I get everything done I wanted to? Ha! Did I rest? Ha! Did I have a wonderful time? Absolutely! So, I didn’t finish organizing the craft room. And, I didn’t finish the baby’s stroller blanket. And, I didn’t get time in the garden. As a matter of fact, I find myself sitting here now wondering where did the time go? But, no worries. There’s always tomorrow, right? And, although I did have a wonderful time with family and even managed to see a few friends, I really missed you guys. I’d see something on Pinterest and think, I have got to share this! Then, I’d tell myself, No… you’re on a break so break! Anyway, we’re back, and all excited to jump into autumn with both feet! 

I did manage to start and finish one project I have been wanting to do. I got these awesome unpainted wood candlesticks from Casey’s Wood Products. I also got some of their brass plated inserts. Then, I just pulled out my acrylic paints and got busy. It only took me a couple hours, and I now have 5 beautiful candlesticks to go on my seasonal cupboard! We will be sharing many more autumn crafts over the next few weeks! Here is my “wordless” tutorial.



  1. I just ordered some to paint with my Girl Scout troop. They are all 6th graders and we’re going to paint these to use for Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for the great idea!

    1. What fun! I think you will be surprised at the variety of candlesticks the girls will paint. Some children love ideas, but other ones will be swept away by their own imaginations. PICTURES!!! Would love to see some of the finished projects. One way or another, us know how they turn out! ~Kimara~

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