I Need A Time Out!

I Need A Time Out!

You know what I need sometimes… someone to put me in “time out”. Seriously! On days when I’m feeling particularly snarky, it would be heavenly to have someone say, “I don’t care for your attitude young lady. Go to your room until you can …be civilized!”

YES, please! SEND ME TO MY ROOM! Children do not realize the beauty of a well-placed “time out”. When I can’t decided whether to hit the snotty-nosed size 2 salesgirl along side the head when she suggests a “larger size” or tell her that I too was a size 2 once, and this body she views with distain IS her future, I need a “time out”. When I want to vaporize the driver in the car in front of me that’s traveling 25 miles an hour in a 45 miles an hour zone and I am late for an appointment, I need a “time out”. When I need to speak to an Insurance Customer Representative (yeah, right), I need a “time out”. AND, mornings like this… when I get up on the “wrong-side of the bed”, I need a “time out”!

Just like a child, I don’t need to stay in my room all day… just long enough to drink a glass of merlot and take a nap! I miss “time outs”. Just saying…


Photo from Alice Hinther Designs http://ahinther.webs.com/apps/photos/

Reprinted on Facebook 6-9-13



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