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    WARNING… WARNING… WARNING… If you easily get sticker shock, either gird your loins for this one or don’t read the final paragraph, when I actually talk about the chest in the photo. To quote Bob Wallace in White Christmas when asked about the price of something he said:Read More →

When Bug was a wee lad, he refused to eat ANYTHING with a face. And I’m not talking about just “mooers” and “cluckers”… if a food item was designed with a face, he couldn’t bring himself to chomp it. I remember the trauma of being served …a side helping ofRead More →

I know every summer it seems like I’ve totally lost interest in Wee Folk Art to the point that I start getting concerned emails. Well, nothing can be farther from the truth, but the fact is, summer turns me into a total blogger slacker! I just can’t bear to sitRead More →

When I was in middle school, actually, at the time, we referred to it as “junior high”, girls took home ec and boys took shop… end of story. Must admit, I was flippin’ excited! I did a lot of hand sewing, but I had never used a sewing machine. MyRead More →

You know what I need sometimes… someone to put me in “time out”. Seriously! On days when I’m feeling particularly snarky, it would be heavenly to have someone say, “I don’t care for your attitude young lady. Go to your room until you can …be civilized!” YES, please! SEND MERead More →

So… Tim and I are sitting side-by-side at our computers, enjoying a lazy Saturday morning before chaos ensues. As we surf along, we seem to take turns saying, “Hey, look at this!” We’re a lot like two toddlers playing next to one another …in a sandbox… not really needing muchRead More →

I have trouble visualizing quantities. And, because of that, I tend to acquire MORE than LESS. I make more potatoes than I need to for dinner, I buy more flowers than my flower bed can hold, and if you look at my yarn stash… well, need I say more? So…Read More →

When learning a new craft, there are several scenarios that you should try to avoid. First, avoid projects that are FAR above your abilities. It’s okay to be challenged, but if the project is too hard, you will inevitably become frustrated,… and this can result in the abandonment of aRead More →

"Baby it's cold outside!" Woke up this morning singing that song… Dean Martin's version. It's legal to do that in January, because the song isn't actually a Christmas song, although we tend to lump it in with Christmas carols. Nope, this …is a song about the cold and snow, andRead More →