My New Friend, Christopher!

My New Friend, Christopher!

Since I spend so much time working at my computer, it is a MORAL IMPERATIVE that my work space is aesthetically pleasing to me. Yesterday, I added a lovely addition to this space. Meet Christopher, named in honor of Christy over at Sweet Tidings, that made this charming little fellow. Not only is he cute as a bug’s ear, he joyously reminds me of all the friends I’ve meet over the years online. Friends that share my passion for crafting and possess a warmth and loveliness that can be felt half way around the world! 

I’ve been talking to him incessantly since he took up residence beside my keyboard. He has yet to share his pearls of wisdom, but I’m sure when he decides to speak up, his words will be worth listening to. Thanks, Christy. I LOVE him dearly! 



  1. Oh, how adorable! I’m envious of your computer station. The family all shares the same computer and there are always empty glasses, mail stacks, and even the occassional dirty socks heap around it. Hmmm. Maybe THAT explains why I’m not as creative as you. I need a neater, more zen surrounding when I approach the keyboard. Hehe.

    1. That is an adorable bear. I found your site about 3 weeks ago and I just love it. One day; I plan on making a couple of your knitted dolls for my grandchildren.

  2. Oh my goodness! Christopher looks all so at home in your beautiful creative nook. Thank you so much Kimara for giving Christopher the coziest, loveliest home. We look forward to hearing his pearls of wisdom soon. =)

  3. “…It is a moral imperative…” How funny, ME TOO! Right now I have a candle and a favorite photo of a tree from where I used to live, and a bunch of leaves on the corner of my computer table. 😛

    I hear ya…it’s GOT to be pretty.

  4. Oh what a sweet one, he is just adorable. I get why you dig him! 🙂 Happy summer!

  5. Oh what a lovely gift from Christy. Christopher is certainly a fitting name. Christy sews such lovely things. I hope you enjoy your new beary friend xx

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