Paper Fan Angel Craft

Paper Fan Angel Craft

Create beautiful Paper Fan Angels with just a piece of paper, a small bead, and some twine. It only takes minutes to make a heavenly host for your tree!

I remember the first time I made Paper Fan Angels. I was in the third grade and my teacher, Miss Hayes, was this crazy craft person. She loved doing crafts… be they macaroni mosaics or cameo portraits. I remember we made these angels using construction paper, and for the heads we used wooden spools from thread. Ah, I miss wooden spools… so many uses. Anyway, thus began my love affair with fan crafts. I use to make angels, flowers, butterflies, and yes, even fans.

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had making these today. Not only did it remind me of being a little girl and Miss Hayes (she looked just like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music… I adored her!) but it was also a nice break from all the felt and stitching I’ve been doing the past few weeks. You can make each one in just minutes, too. I like mine simple, but you can add faces, hair and halos if you like.

Hope this brings you a few memories. If not, take a few minutes, make some, and create some new memories!

paper fan angels - done3 545wm

Materials Needed for Paper Fan Angel

  • paper
  • beads
  • twine
  • glue

paper fan angels - supplies 545wm

Note: This craft is basically a “use what you have on hand craft”. You can use any paper, although for these small angels it is best to use a thin paper, not construction paper or card stock. You can use magazine and old book pages. Try copies of sheet music or used wrapping paper. Scrapbook paper works well, too. You can even use doilies which will give a slightly different shape. Another great source for pretty paper is the internet. Type in the words “free printable scrapbook paper” in your search engine and you will find many resources that allow you to copy their pretty papers for free. I got my assortment of checked papers from Activity Village. You can print your own paper for free HERE.

paper fan angels - paper 545wm

Also, instead of beads you can create yarn ball heads or use glass beads for the heads. Instead of twine you can use yarn or clear fishing line if you want your hangers to be invisible(ish). If you would like you can add a face, hair and even a halo. Let your imagination run wild.

You can also make these any size. I will share what I did to make my ornaments but there isn’t a “perfect” size. Again, use materials you have and adapt!

Directions for Paper Fan Angel

To create my 3 1/2″ inch Paper Fan Angels, cut 2 squares of paper. Make the first 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and the second 3″ x 3″. This means you can get 2 angels out of a standard letter sized piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. Note: You will notice that when I copied my paper the design did not go all the way to the edge. I only got 1 angel out of each piece.

Begin by placing the large square in front of you.

paper fan angels - fan1 545wm

Fold one edge of the paper toward the back of the paper. This fold should be about 3/8″.

paper fan angels - fan 2 545wm

Going back and forth fan style, crease the paper all the way across to the other edge.

paper fan angels - fan3 545wm

When you are done folding the paper, you want the printed size of the paper visible on either side of your fan. If you paper doesn’t fold evenly so you have 2 printed sides showing, simply cut off the extra paper. Be careful not to cut the other folds in your fan.

paper fan angels - fan4 545wm

paper fan angels - fan4 545wm

Do the same for the small square. Now fold the 2 squares in half making sure the edges are even. Note: if they are not exactly even after you fold the can in half, simply snip the longer side to make it match.

paper fan angels - assemble1 545wm

Place the smaller fan on top of the larger fan. Make sure the print side of the fans is showing.

paper fan angels - assemble2 545wm

Cut a piece of twine 12″. Tightly tie the 2 fan sections together. Use a square knot. (Right over left, left over right.)

paper fan angels - assemble3 545wm

paper fan angels - assemble7 545wm

On the inside of the large fan (the dress), run the glue stick down one side of the fold and then close the “dress”, squeezing the 2 sides together. This will hold the dress together down the middle.

paper fan angels - assemble5 545wm

paper fan angels - assemble6 545wm

Slide the bead over the 2 ends of the twine.

paper fan angels - assemble8 545wm

Tie the 2 ends together creating a loop that is approximately 3 1/2″. This will be used to hang the angel.

paper fan angels - assemble9 545wm

Now “fluff” the angel’s wings and dress by carefully opening the folds.

paper fan angels - assemble10 545wm

Your angel is now ready to the tree!

paper fan angels - done1 545wm




  1. Wow! I really like this idea. I’m going to make some with my granddaughters 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Great idea. Looks simple enough for our younger children to make as well. (With a little bit of help)

  3. Great! Just made one – it turned out Fab!
    I’m 12 btw.

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