Paper Mache Puppets Part Three: Adding Hair

Paper Mache Puppets Part Three: Adding Hair

It is time to finish your puppet and put on a show!

Choose the yarn you would like to use for your puppet and a book that is between 8-10" wide (or wider if you would like longer hair). Wrap the yarn around the book keeping in nicely lined up.

When you get it about 6" wide or wide enough to cover you puppet’s head place a piece of tape down one edge the book to hold the yarn in place (I like to use painters tape if I have it). Cut the yarn down the other side.

Layout the yarn neatly, tape side down.

Cover the puppet head with lots of tacky glue everywhere you want the yarn to stick. Arrange the hair on top of the puppet head. Sorry, there was no good way for me to do this AND take a picture.

Once the hair starts drying a bit, remove the tape (don’t leave it long enough for the tape to get glued on). Now put on a puppet show.

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Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Love these!!  Was looking to make something just like this with our homeschool art class.  And I was finding parts like it here and there and this is all the elements I wanted! Thank you!!!! So adorable!

    1. I hope your class enjoys making them. 🙂

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