Sweeny Todd Baby Quilt – Yikes!

Sweeny Todd Baby Quilt – Yikes!

So, a couple of days ago I told everyone about the baby quilt I’m making for the Little Guy. I was so very excited, nah, I would say I was all a twitter to be using my Woodsy Wonders fabric that has been in my stash for two years. After posting the blog, I got to work. Progress was good.

Then, that evening, I got an email from my son Drew… the father of yet to be born Little Guy. The email was titled… “A Little Eerie”, and the text said, “Is this based on Sweeny Todd?” He attached this photo:

Holy Schnikes! This looks bad… really, really bad. What’s that frog doing? Is that a sinister look in his eyes? Sure looks like the razor Sweeny Todd used!!! No, no, no I tell myself. It’s a sweet print. It’s adorable. It’s a butter knife used for spreading jam. Must be… has to be!

Well, one of our lovely readers, Bonney Teti, had emailed me to let me know I could still buy the fabric from Fabric Attic. http://www.fabricattic.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=159. I want to make a couple of matching things and needed more fabric. While I was at the site, I noticed a companion fabric…

So, see Drew!!! Not a Sweeny Todd reenactment… just a very hospitable frog, with a mirthful twinkle in his eyes, preparing a lovely strawberry jam sandwich for a friend.

As far as the quilt progress goes… I’ve finished the top of the quilt. It is a “quilt as you go” so if I wanted, I could just add the binding and be done. However, I want to do some hand stitching on the quilt, so I’ll wait to bind it til I’m done.

Just a little aside… Knowing my family, this quilt will forever be known as the Sweeny Todd quilt. Thank you, Drew 😉




  1. Hehe. Too funny! Leave it to a boy to find something diabolical in something innocent! I love this fabric and I’m sure the Little Guy will see jam if he things about it at all!

    1. That is until he gets old enough for his father to point it out, and trust me, some day he will 🙂

  2. Never in a million years would I have thought about Sweeny Todd when I looked at this fabric BUT now that it has been mentioned that’s all I see! Once you get an image in your mind it is hard to take back! Ha!

    I’m looking forward to this tutorial when you get a chance. I want to give quilting a go and this looks like it might be a place to start. Also looking forward to the quilting you will be doing with the children this fall. Love, love, love your blog and Facebook! Oh, yes, and Pinterest!

    1. It is easy to make. The bulk can get a little unruly at the sewing machine. I made the same design for Michelle's children but made them half the size as doll blankies. I might suggest you give the smaller size a try first time out 🙂

  3. That is exactly the type of comment one of my sons would have made, and yes, I’m betting it’s forever the “Sweeney Todd” quilt. It’s so reassuring to know mine’s not the only family with this peculiar– ahem — particular– humor. Love the quilt! Thanks for sharing!

    1. In my travels I have come to realize that my family is in no way unique… and it is that knowledge that allows me to sleep at night 😉

  4. I have to say, after the first picture, it does look diabolical – but MY boys would have loved it all the more for that very reason! Good job ferreting out the truth! I’m sitting here laughing knowing that it would be the Sweeney Todd quilt forever here too. We still fondly recall my oldest son’s 5th birthday cake (he’s now nearly 14) as “The Incredible Poop cake”. I had incredible Hulk on it & the decorators had added frosting rocks – that were brown rather than gray – and they resembled, well, poop. ah, the memories….

    1. As I always tell my children, mistakes, errors, and mishaps always make for the most interesting stories. Your children would soon have forgotten about a perfect Hulk cake. BUT… well, you know the rest… a poop cake will live in infamy 🙂

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