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Over the Holidays our house was a constant hub of activity. Beginning with that life affirming first cup of morning coffee shared with fellow pajama wearers, to the wee hours of the night, snuggled on the couch watching a barrage of Christmas movies, the house buzzed. Michelle and her family were around for mostRead More →

If you have a skein of yarn and 15 minutes, you can create a yarn doll! This is a great craft to share with young crafters, and soon, everyone will be busy creating a community of yarn dolls! Making the dolls is an “ish” thing. How tall you make yourRead More →

Materials: Heavy Water Color Paper Contact Paper Plastic Wrap Sheet of Card Stock Watercolor Paints Glue Glitter Angel Pattern     Print off the Angel Pattern I drew (or design your own). Trace the angel onto the contact paper, flip the angel and trace it again. Cut out the contactRead More →

The kids created these beautiful Angels Rejoicing Paintings this week. I got the basic idea for the watercolor technique from Gail at ThatArtistWoman (I love her blog for kid art ideas) and from that I developed our own unique holiday related theme project. This project took us two days andRead More →

Last year the kids and I made these Felt and Stuffed Star Ornaments for the little tree in our family room. What I loved about this project is that each generation took a different approach to the same theme. The kids had a blast decorating their felt stars with glitterRead More →

(Orginally published on 11/2/08 This week we used a broad interpretation of the Unplugged Challenge theme FLAG… and went more Stars and Stripes as inspiration for these Star Ornaments. We had so much fun that even Gammy joined in and made her own. You can visit for herRead More →

In an effort to pull all of our crafty endeavors together, I will be importing older posts from my homeschooling site that feature the crafts the kids and I have completed together. I have also added a Kid Crafts category listing on our Top Bar to help our readers findRead More →

Confession… we are in full blown Christmas mode here. We are so “That Family”… you know the type that already has the tree up (or should I say trees) and lights on the house (although we haven’t turn them on yet).  The kids wanted to decorate and it seemed likeRead More →

There is a joy in running free and dancing til you wear out your shoes! Running and dancing with Fairy Ribbon Rings makes the experience more delightful. Here are the very easy, non sewing directions for making your own Fairy Ribbon Rings. This is a great craft to do withRead More →

It’s Autumn! Leaving are falling, the air is scented with delicious, woodsy aromas, and the secrets of the forest beckon to us all… child and adult alike. The only thing better than running through the leaves, is running through the leaves with fall colored ribbons streaming in the breeze! Another oneRead More →

Last fall the kids and I made these Salt Dough Veggies to correspond with our Autumn Harvest Unit. A lot of time was spent gathering the harvest off of our farm mat. I was amazed at the detail the salt dough held. We have a few surviving pieces… but the dog (andRead More →

Here is another Autumn Project Flashback from Wee Folk Activities. The kids and I made these Stiff, Fabric Ghosts last Halloween. Although pictured outside, we ended up taken them indoors where they spent the season haunting our dining room. Enjoy this fun, spooky craft.  Read More →

I was just revisiting some crafts the kids and I did together last fall and wanted to share them with all our new readers (my how the site has grown in the past year). Over the next couple weeks I will be highlighting some of our favorite Crafting with theRead More →

It’s summer. Ever since I was a child summer equalled excessive reading! My tastes in reading ran the gamut of literary genres, BUT the one commonality amongst all my summer books I read was my ability to chose them for myself. These were not books selected by my teachers, although I often readRead More →

Here is a sweet little mouse bookmark with a long and useful tail! This one is made out of felt and sewn, but if you’re doing the project with young children, you can glue the felt pieces together or use card stock or construction paper. Whichever way you make him,Read More →

I’ve been busy, busy this week with lots of time spent at the sewing machine trying to finish up all of my summer projects before our summer trips. One that I’m totally in love with is this Eight Panel Princess Skirt made especially for Fairy. I don’t think she knowsRead More →

Ok, some of my other projects got derailed this week. Bug has been asking when am I going to make him something. I do tend to sew more for the girls… but let me clarify that he gets his fair share of knitwear. Gammy (Kimara) took it upon herself toRead More →

So, I guess I have been handed over the reigns over here at Wee Folk Art with mom’s instructions of “feed the fish, don’t kill the plants.” Sounds pretty easy… but what to post about? I do have a couple things I’ve been working on… some summer dresses for theRead More →