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  We have been working on a Geology Unit for the past 8 weeks or so. I let the kids take turns choosing science projects, this was Bug’s request. Science is the subject that I feel comfortable letting the kids call most of the shots but I have used Evan-Moore’sRead More →

The gnome’s lives are rich with stories and folklore, and there has never been a story teller in The Thicket that could weave a tale as well as Axel. As a master storyteller, over the years the job has fallen on him to share the history of The Thicket, but it is sometimes hardRead More →

  After several days (or was it weeks?) of miserable heat and humidity that was making everyone cranky, the weather broke and we are now free to enjoy being outdoors again. We’ve spent hours outside in the last few days making up for lost time. Although Pixie loves being outside,Read More →

(You knew I would have to do this tutorial sooner or later 🙂 A couple of fun things happened in the past few weeks. First, a lovely reader sent us the book Magical Window Stars (thanks Sarah!) and second, we got a stack of kite paper from Bella Luna Toys.Read More →

This is a project we tried last summer and was originally post on July 3, 2009 at Nature’s Way Learning. It was a good first attempt and is definitely something I want to re-visit again this summer. This time I will be limiting our colors to only primary colors so they blendRead More →

I don’t know exactly what made me think about this the other day, but when Tim and I were talking and it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen a “Just Married” sign on the back of a car or the ubiquitous Kleenex Carnations fromRead More →

For anyone that blogs, especially those of us that blog almost daily, you can understand how we have a tendency to rate things in terms of “blog worthiness”. Get a new sweater for your birthday… not blog worthy. By a wool sweater at Goodwill, felt it, and turn it into a doll crib…Read More →

Here is part two of the Paper Mache Dino Eggs project originally published Feb 2009. Click here for part one: After the paper mache dried completely, I cut off the balloon tails. The balloons pulled away from the inside of the egg. You could try to remove the balloon ifRead More →

No, I’m not talking about books ABOUT gnomes and fairies, rather books FOR gnomes and fairies. I got the idea from Michelle. When we talked about doing The Book Nook, I told her I wanted a banner. Something that people would come to associate with this feature. Like a goodRead More →

  The orignial blog for this project can be found HERE. It contains additional photos and information. Who doesn’t like a good book? Well, gnomes love the old traditions of sitting around a campfire and telling tales of adventure and folly. But, they also like curling up in easy chair at home, inRead More →

Some of you may have noticed that I have closed down my homeschooling blog Wee Folk Activities. It is just too hard to keep up with it all. But I want to make sure the most popular crafts and activities from that site were still available so I will be importingRead More →

This is a recycled post from Wee Folk Activities, first published October 2008. We have made this recipe for Bath Tub Paints several times now… with some modifications (namely I’ve added more cornstarch over time). The recipe shared below reflects those changes. I googled bath tub paints and ended upRead More →

In another life I must have been a man, because I hate to stop and ask for directions… (I’m never lost, I always know where I am… in my car!) and I insist on trying to figure things out for myself before I turn to instructions. So, the other day,Read More →

We have had our gnome house for almost 2 years now, and just like my own house, I am always adding a little here and there, changing this and that, and allowing our environment to reflect the seasons. When preparing our gnome house for Valentines Day, I decided we neededRead More →

Here is a fun and fast little Valentine project to do with the kids… Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts. They are fun to make and will brighten up your window even on a gloomy winter day. An added bonus, they can help stop kamikaze birds from flying into your windowRead More →

You don’t need to wait for a blizzard to play in a Winter Wonderland… not if you make your own indoor snowstorm! Grab a sharp pair of scissors and doilies, and before it know it, it will be snowing inside! Materials: Doilies – different sizes Transparent Nylon thread Laminating film orRead More →

The 2 earliest crafts I remember making are paper chains, held together with a flour paste my mom made, and snowflakes. I can remember folding construction paper into eighths, instead of sixths, because eighths were easier to fold, and cutting through 8 layers of construction paper with those blunt end,Read More →

When my youngest was in first grade, I converted our walk-out into a 2 room school house. For the next 10 years I ran a preschool program from our home offering children, and my family, "the best of both worlds". I’ll talk more about my preschool, aptly named "Wee Care" atRead More →