Two W.I.P.s

Two W.I.P.s

If you haven’t already read this on Facebook, I’ve 2 W.I.P.s to share this morning. First… the biggie news… or rather the wee news… we are expecting our 6th grandbaby, December 24, courtesy of our son Adam, and his incredibly creative wife (she’s making a baby), Raewyn. So world… MEET THE FEET! 

We are as excited as we were when we heard that our first was on the way, but I can’t help but wonder if this wee one is going to be as mischievous as Daddy Adam was! If so… Mommy and Daddy will have their hands full… but it will be an awesome adventure!

Of course, this means I’ve now got babies on the brain, and a list a mile long of the things I want to make for said baby. The other day I shared a link to a Stroller Blanket I wanted to knit. I saw an awesome Honeycomb Stroller Blanket made by Duschinka on Ravelry. You can see the project HERE

I immediately placed an order for yarn from Knit Picks. I bought skeins of Swish DK in rainbow colors and started right in. The blanket is knitting up super quick and is quite an easy pattern. 

Can you imagine any baby not loving these colors? 

So, this is the first of the baby projects I’ve started. I’ll be sharing more along the way. What fun. 

Congratulations to Adam and Raewyn. I love all three of you very much!

What projects are you working on right now?



  1. HI,

    Would you mind showing a photo of the back of the blanket?  I am thinking about knitting this, but wondering about how to carry the yarn across the back.  I love the colors, and I also enjoy working with Swish.



    1. Of course, it hasn’t been blocked yet, but I think the back of the blanket is quite pretty. It was a concern of mine, too. You aren’t carrying any yarn, so it is quite neat. Hope this helps make the decision. It is so much fun to knit and goes quite quickly, I really am a fan 🙂

      1. And, you don’t carry the yarns across the back. You work with two balls of the brown yarn, one for each border. You twist your color and brown yarns before each border so there isn’t a hole, but other than that, there is no carrying the yarn. Now, on the front, you keep slipping 2 brown stitches between each honeycomb for 6 rows. On the front side you can slide a finger behind these 2 stitches. Hope that makes sense 🙂

        1. Hi, I would like to make this blanket and I see that you don’t carry the yarn across the back, but what about up the sides? I noticed in your pic on the left hand side that your yarn is just out loose? Do you not carry these up the sides or do you cut them off and start again when you get to those colors further up on the blanket? This is my first time using so many colors and I don’t want the back to look all clunky on the sides if possible! Thanks!

          1. If you were only using a couple of colors you could certainly carry the yarn up, however, with 9 different colored stripes you can’t do that. You will need to weave them in. Above I have the link to the actual pattern. She only used a couple of colors so she does have you carry the yarn. 

            Hope this helps.


          2. Thanks for responding! I started the blanket in the same colorway that you’ve used and started carrying up the yarn (I started it before seeing your comment!), I’m about 25% through so I think I’ll start cutting them off and weaving them in like you suggested because it’s starting to look rather bulky and I definitely don’t love that part of it. Besides that the pattern is amazingly simple, I love it!

  2. I’m so glad I saw this, I’m about to make one and I didn’t like that the ravelry pattern does a border after you knit the blanket. I wasn’t sure how to knit the border along the row without creating a gap, and now I know (although now I need to make another trip to the yarn store for the second border ball). Thanks for posting this, you’ve saved my brain!

    1. Kimara

      Hehe… So glad you stumbled upon this then. Let us know how it works out. It is an absolutely favorite pattern now and you will love how fast it knits up! ~Kimara~

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