Walking Felt Bunny Finger Puppet

Walking Felt Bunny Finger Puppet

Time flies! Seems we were just rushing to finish a few Christmas stocking stuffers, and now it’s time to get a few “tuck-ins” made for the Easter basket! I have 3 or 4 little gifts I’ll be whipping up. Today I’d like to share a trio of cuties I made for the grandbabies. These three were a breeze to throw together and with the little addition of a pocket on the back for 2 fingers to slide in, these little puppets will provide hours of imaginative fun!

I used wool felt for durability, although if you’re concerned about wash-ability, go with one of the high quality synthetics. You can also make this out of cotton. I love the Woven Spider Wheel stitch for the eyes. (I told you I’d be using this stitch a lot! Check out the glossary for a quick look at how to make this stitch.) Because there are no buttons on this, it’s a perfect friend for all ages.

So, sew one or a basket full. I should warn you, they are rather addictive and satisfying to make! The pattern is featured in our FREE Open Patterns. Enjoy!



  1. Thanks so much. I love these little guys. I’m going to start on them tonight after the kids are tucked in!

  2. Last night and during nap today I whipped up 3 of these sweet bunnies for the girls. Fortunately I have a cupboard full of delightful felt choices because of a super duper wonderful Christmas gift from my MIL, love you Debs. I made them in 3 shades of pink. If my digital wasn’t in the shop, yet again, I’d share a pic, but I promise I will when I get it back. LOVE YOUR SITE. Tootles!

  3. These are too cute. I don’t have any little ones to give them to, though. Do you think it would be too strange to make a couple to walk across my office desk?

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