What Are They?

What Are They?

So, what do you think this is a picture of? Perhaps cat tail tops? Morels? Owl pellets? A cat’s fur ball? No to all of the above. Actually, they are the bodies for Nora, Kate, Jack, Father and Mum from Noisy Nora.

Heeding several suggestions, I decided to make finger puppets, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wet felt, needle felt or sew them using felt. My final decision… do all three! Figures, right? Anyway… I am sharing this project a little differently than I’ve shared any in the past. Generally, you do not hear about a project until I’m all done. What you don’t know is there are some projects I make that aren’t exactly blog worthy. Sure, some of them are close, and later I go back and tweak them to the point that I’m willing to share them, but others fall into the realm of dismal failures and I make a few mental notes and move on, never to revisit the debacle!

This project is different. As I told you at the beginning of the season, I was not going to be sharing as many crafts this summer. The gardens, family and a few non Wee Folk Art projects are claiming most of my time. Add to that a few more exciting outside projects, plus the baby shower AND moving my parents into a condo and I have about 17 minutes to myself all day 🙂 (No complaints, BTW… this is all good stuff!) However… I don’t want to go another week without sharing anything while I find time to make my Noisy Nora finger puppets, so I decided to share the project as I make it. But here’s the rub… I’m not sure if they are going to turn out adorable (hey, they are in my mind’s eye!) or if they’ll be one of those dismal failures I mentioned, that you aren’t suppose to know about.

So, there you have it. I’m inviting you into the whole creative process. Hopefully, at the end, we’ll have something wonderful. But, in the event we don’t… you can give me sympathetic words 🙂 Oh, yes. I also have an old Internet friend to introduce you to, and she has a special offer for all our readers. More about that in the first part of the project… felting the bodies. Keep your fingers crossed this all turns out well! 


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