Wooden Frogs

Wooden Frogs

Now that spring has sprung, our pond has come alive! Reeds and lily pads, ducks and water lilies… not to mention our newest addition… frogs!

In my humble opinion, every household needs its fair share of frogs. Literature would back me up on this. Think of how many fairy tales, poems and songs have frogs as their main character. Heck, seems half the princes were a frog at one time or another! So, it only stands to reason, children need frogs amongst their playthings.

Our little frogs were cut out of ash. The pattern for The Wooden Frog can be found HERE or with our free patterns. Use the pattern and the photos for painting ideas.

For information on cutting out wood, painting and finishing, follow the general directions for our Wooden Apple Orchard.

Just a note: I couldn’t decide whether I simply wanted to cut out my frogs and sand the edges or give them a more sculpted look. In the picture below, the frog on the left was simply cut out and sanded. I did more sanding and carving to the frog on the right. I used some of the dremel attachments to create a furrow between his eyes, to round the back a bit and to further sculpt his nose. I have since asked the children (and anyone else that would give me the time of day!) which they preferred. Results? Equal. So, it’s a matter of choice. I think both ways look cute and have their own appeal.

BTW… I’ve had these frogs done for quite some time and they’ve already been played with… a lot! When I went to gather them up for the “photo shoot” I couldn’t find them. So, I began looking in all the usual places like my pewter tea service, the piano’s keyboard, and amongst the branch blocks. When I headed to the gnome house, this is where I discovered them… quite cozy I’d say 🙂



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  1. school is nearly finished for the year and i am excited to cut out some toys this summer! i received a dremel for christmas and that is about as far as i have gotten. i have been so inspired by your ventures in wood working though! these frogs are no exception. i love them. i often examine wooden toys and ponder the sculpted vs simpler ideas, too. 😉

  2. The little froggies in the sleeping bags is just too stinkin’ cute. I’ve made the sleeping bags for our gnomes. I’m going to get my dad to cut out some frogs for me. I can sand and paint them. Thanks for all the inspiring work you do. I want to make one or more of everything you do. Your children are very lucky.

  3. Aww! He is toad-ally cute! Thanks so much for the pattern, I’ll be linking.

  4. I just love your little pond scene (and those frogs are just about the cutest things going)!

    HUGS and thanks for dropping by my blog today!

  5. Love your work.

    Just wondering…are the frogs actually gnomes in waiting for a princess to kiss and transform them? Or…are they just big, strong, wooden bullies pushing those sleepy, little gnomes out of their sleeping bags?

    1. Hehe… I would have to say… neither. Trust me, if being kissed by a princess would transform them into a "princely" gnome, they would have been transformed by now. Those frogs have received many kisses! But, they are not bullies either. They are bonafide, invited guests, and their friendship is highly honored by the gnomes because they tell some of the very best campfire stories… EVER!

  6. I love your web site. The first thing I did was print out the frog pattern, dig out my scroll saw and cut some frogs. While I waited for the paint to dry I started on lily pads. By the end of the day we had a mini frog pond in the living room and my kid loved it. My daugter Rachel wraped a frog in a lily pad and took it to school with her to show her friends and teacher what mommy can make. I am going to try some tree next. Thank you so much for sharing your great patterns and ideas.

    1. You are very welcome. Wow, what an productive day! One of the nice things about these little frogs are that they are pocket sized! I’m glad you found us and that you are enjoying our patterns. Would love to see some of your finished projects 🙂

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