{this moment :: inspired by soule mama}

a single picture, requiring no words, yet telling a story worth remembering!

have a lovely weekend ~ Michelle and Kimara


I love your header.
You pictures is nice, and colorful.
I have a friend from Chile that love sewing too. She has a blog. Josefinaknits.com

Regards from a peruvian.
I came from Soule Mama

I have always found that process so fascinating. Learning how to spin is on my life list :-)

Thanks for the inspiration today. Best Wishes! Happy Friday!

What a stunning photograph!

Great shot! Hope you had a lovely birthday. Have a great weekend!

Your yarn is lovely... spinning is among our most favorite moments.

I hope this is a shot of your present!

Yes... my early birthday gift from my hubby. I'm loving it!

How exciting on your wheel. I ordered mine and it is supposed to be here in three more days!!! I can't wait.

Where did you get your rainbow roving? It's lovely and your finished product rocks. GOOD JOB!

Very exciting Wendy. What wheel did you get? The roving is nothing special. It was left over from some roving I had gotten with my drop spindle last Christmas. I used Easter egg tablets to dye it... which I talked about in this Pelle's New Suit post. Check the comments for more details... it turned out great.

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