Gnome Pillow Dolls

Gnome Doll Panel (available from Spoonflower)
Knitting Needle or other long tool to push out corners



If you bought a yard of gnomes, cut the gnomes apart.





Cut out the gnomes on the dotted lines. Iron the pannels on the wrong side of the fabric if needed.





Carefully line up the front and back of the gnome bodies, right sides together and pin.





Sew the front and back together leaving a 1.5″ opening. You can hand sew or use a machine. You can also sew right along the printed edge for a more uniform looking doll or leave a 1/4″ of white showing around the edge (you do not need to be as exact with this option). It is up to you.




Trim excess seams and notch the fabric up to the seam line at indented points (be careful not to cut the seam).




Turn gnome pillow right side out and use the knitting needle to help push out the edges/points (be careful not to push the needle through the fabric).





Stuff the doll with batting. For best results use small pieces of batting at a time. You can use the knitting needles to help push the batting into the corners.





Hand stitch the opening closed.





Wallah! You now have a sweet Gnome Pillow Doll. Be sure to give him lots of hugs.



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