8 Days and Counting

Britta woke early, ready to nurse the twins and start her day, but when she sat up in bed, she felt a strange, ticklish sensation on her cheek. When her eyes fully focused, she looked around the room. It looked like a giant spider had woven a web throughout the whole room during the night! She highly doubted the existence of a mammoth spider in The Thicket, but was rather confident that this was yet another of the late night shenanigans of the leprechauns. Britta shook her head and counted off on her fingers; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Just eight days til St. Patrick’s Day; just eight more days until the leprechauns would be leaving The Thicket.

But Britta had to smile. Although Axel stomped around the house during the day complaining about the foolhardiness of  those scoundrels, she noticed he slipped away each night, after he thought Britta to be fast asleep, and would join them at the campfire. She could hear his voice blending with theirs while they sang ballads and told stories.

“It really wasn’t SO bad”, she decided as she looked around the room plotting her escape. She decided she probably wouldn’t mind the pranks of the leprechauns nearly as much if she could only deal with them AFTER her second cup of chicory tea! 



  1. Hehe! My children and I love your “wee” stories. As I am posting this thank you, they grabbed the yarn and were heading to the gnome house. I see trouble brewing. Thank you for the loveliest blog out there. We all LOVE your blog. You have enriched our lives tremendously. Keep the gnomey crafts and stories coming! We are also excited about your Book Nook. The Caps for Sale was awesome!

  2. HeHe! My brother and I use to do this to each other all the time as kids. Hey, we’d probably still do it if we slept in the same house 🙂 My maiden name is O’Sullivan. Maybe we both have some leprechaun in us!

    1. My brothers and I used to do this too… although ours was more Mission Impossible/Laser Obstacle Course. We would take turns covering the basement in yarn and then see who could cross the room without touching the yarn. Considering we often needed to wrap lamps and such to get better height… not hitting the yarn became very important. 😉

  3. My three year old daughter loves to see all the gnome pictures. She got VERY upset when she saw this photo. She wanted to know why they got “tised up”. She wanted me to “go get them”. It was pathetic! She was in tears! I told her it wasn’t scary, it was silly. She wouldn’t buy it. So we wound up stretching some yarn through the handles of our kitchen cabinet doors and drawers and we crawled around in the kitchen. She decided it was a good game. When daddy came home she showed him the silly gnomey string game in the kitchen and insisted on showing him these pics. She told him not to worry, the gnomies were okay, they were playing a game. Now she doesn’t want me to take down the string in the kitchen. Any ideas how I’m suppose to make dinner 😉 Thanks for an awesome blog. We love it.

    1. Too cute. Glad she enjoyed the game. Hope dinner went well. LOL.

  4. Love your gnomes’s stories…
    They make me discover unknown parts of your culture…
    I didn’t know Leprechauns and St Patick’s legends.
    So funny and interesting for me!
    I also enjoy tour applique designs and have already used some.
    Sorry for my poor english, it’s a long time since i learnt it at scool!
    xxx from France!

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