Little Lady Eye Candy :)

Little Lady Eye Candy :)

Tim and I just spent the past few days with the Adorable Little Lady and her equally cute Mommy and Daddy! It was wonderful, but as always, as I lost site of their house upon our departure… Niagara Falls! Unbelievably hard to say goodbye each and every time! But enough of that nonsense 🙂 We had a marvelous visit, very relaxed and had lots of time with the wee one. As all grandparents do… we came bearing gifts! Two of her favorites with the Wooden Rainbow Tunnel I bought from Bella Luna, and The Doorstop Bunny, this one named Nibbs, that I made her. Because I can… her she is enjoying her new booty! 

The Little Lady with Nibbs…

Enjoying here Rainbow Stackers. BTW… THIS is why it is so important to provide your children with safe, non-toxic toys! The purple center of the rainbow has become The Little Lady’s favorite teether. Notice the scrap marks 🙂

The little tutu outfit… adorable, right? Also a Gammy indulgence 🙂 Although it is so hard to say goodbye, it is always nice to get back home. (Ah, my bed over a futon 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be ready to start tackling some new projects and sharing some info about a change in our format and telling you about a rather unique giveaway!



  1. So flippin’ cute. It’s been totally awesome watching all your grandchildren grewing up! I’m with Tina. The second photo looks like she’s going to be a smarty. In a good way… like she’s taking everything in and in CONTROL, hehe. Glad you had some time with one of your “wee ones” 😉

  2. See has chewable cheeks! Such a cutie!

  3. I love hearing about your ‘little lady’. She looks like she could be the exact same age as my daughter (born Aug 17). I LOVE your site. Honestly, I haven’t made much more than a few gnomes and printed colouring pages for my son but I happily print off the patterns and know that I’ll be less busy/overwhelmed someday! I enjoy looking at everything on your website in the evening after the kiddies go to bed and find that the inspiration to create for them makes me a better parent the next day. Thank you.

  4. Forgot to say that I like the third picture of the little lady best-because of her little belly!

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