Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Winner!

Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Winner!

EDIT: Contest is closed. Thanks for participating!

We are very excited to be participating in Sew Mama Sew’s May Giveaway. We wanted to share something that said “Wee Folk Art” so we crafted a cute little wooden peg gnome and a sleeping bag for him to cuddle in on chilly nights.

To enter simply leave a comment HERE. A winner will be drawn at random. We will gladly ship internationally, so everyone can join in the fun. The contest will be open until 9:00 p.m. est, May 31. Good luck to all and make sure to check out all the great participants at Sew Mama Sew!



  1. So cute! I’ve been wanting to make a couple, but havent gotten around to it yet, although I have gotten the pegs and the felt. I’m assuming I should leave a comment HERE, and not at Sew Mama Sew.

  2. he is a darling gnome and i want him!!! toes and fingers crossed! 😉

  3. Oooh….I think we need a little Gnome action around here!

  4. gnome love!!!! so sweet….

  5. Oh – I love gnomes and fairies – what a wonderful prize!!
    Hugs to you,

  6. I love the gnome. I also love green. Maybe it’s meant to be!

  7. I hope everyone’s jaw dropped and “ahhh” came out of their mouth! This is cute!!

  8. My little guy JH would be head over heals for your gnome 🙂

  9. please enter my name in for this giveaway. Adorable!

  10. Ohhh I love that wee gnome! He would be very happy to live with my collection of small artists dolls.

  11. That gnome made me LOL, hopefully no one heard me, because I don’t want to explain that I am surfing instead of working : )

  12. This is so cute – thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Who doesn’t love a good gnome!

  14. Green is my favorite color, especially for gnomes. And that little sleeping bag is so great.

  15. Such an adorable giveaway. My little girls would love to own them.

  16. What a handsome little gnome, just perfect for hours of pretend play!

  17. the gnome! love him. pick me!


  18. I would love to win this for my daughter. He can join her other peg people.

  19. i LOVE this little guy! your stitches are amazing!! oh, of all the things out there, i hope i win this one!! 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!

  20. I love gnomes! I just bought some full sized gnome hats for full-sized people to use from etsy and we are going to use them instead of birthday hats because we are just that silly. Your corner stitches a rock!

  21. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Gnomes, fairies – all are good luck, everyone should have at least one in their home! I have a fairie… working on a gnome, would love to win this one!

  22. I love the little gnome and sleeping bag. So very cute.

  23. That is just adorable – and i know a little girl that would love it – hope i win!

  24. What a sweet little guy! I know a small young lady that would love to play with him and put him to “seeps”. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  25. my little one loves tiny friends… especially when they have a special little home of their own

  26. Oooh your giveaway is just gorgeous! Please please enter me 😉

  27. This is such a gorgeous idea – it’s just beautiful.

  28. Please count me in! Thank you so much for your generosity! samjerus[at]

  29. I’ve been wanting to make a gnome home ever since I was introduced to your site. If I win this, maybe that’ll get me started! Thanks for all the cute projects you put on here for free! It’s wonderful.

  30. Love the gnome, would be proud to have one……..

  31. Love that gnome, so very cute.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win him.
    I’ve marked your blog as one of my favorites, I’ll come back and visit again later.

  32. This is adorable! Thanks for entering me in the giveaway!

  33. this is so cute! he could live in my purse and come out when my kiddos need something to keep them occupied – long waits, or church . . . i love it!

  34. He is very cute!
    Thanks for doing the giveaway.

    Cassie Driver

  35. I just love this! I know my girls would love it also.

  36. So very cute! I love the little cape. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  37. I love your gnomes. This would be great to win, considering my fear of trying to sew.

  38. I have a two year old little girl who would love this – what a sweet and creative idea!

    Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

    suserat at yahoo dot com

  39. This would be perfect for my little guy and his adventures beneath a shade tree…

  40. VERY cute! I love the little guy in his sleeping bag!

  41. I’ve been wanting to make some of these. So cute! ~H

  42. This little gnome is so cute! I picture my son bringing it to bed – he likes to tuck thing in. Thanks!

  43. such a cute little gnome should live in england!

  44. This gnome is in my daughter’s favorite color!!!

  45. too cute! I love anything that comes with a little bed or blankie!

  46. How super cute!! We’d love to have the little guy move in with us!

  47. This is so cute I started to giggle when I saw it.

  48. That is so adorable! The tiny design is impressive.

  49. I love the cute little elf! It is so cute! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  50. This is so sweet. We’d love to have your gnome live with us!!

  51. If he comes to visit we will love and care for him like he
    is family. Oh my children love him so already.
    Thank you for this chance to host this little gnome.
    Rane and family.

  52. I love the gnome and his sleeping bag! What a fabulous little set! I would love to give him a good home!

  53. That is just awesome! My kids would just love it!

  54. The little gnome is too flippin’ cute! I’d love to be a part of the give away1

  55. I want this sweet gnome –
    my son would have the perfect place for him to sleep!

  56. He is so cute and of course he needs a warm place to sleep. Thanks for your generosity with this giveaway.

  57. this little one is so lovely.

    thanks for sharing

  58. That is so sweet. My little girl would love it. I love that it comes with a little bed.

  59. Oh how adorable! My daughter would love that little gnome and his sleeping bag 🙂

  60. I love the colours you have made him and his little bed in.
    So very cute!!
    Thank you.

  61. Oh that is so adorable. I love the colors.

  62. I have some wee ones that would love this little guy.
    It is lovely.

  63. Cute! I would love to have her move into our little dollhouse.

  64. What a cute little guy! He will be well loved I assure you!

  65. Cute little guy. Thanks for all the great stuff on your site!

  66. How darn cute can you possibly get.

  67. He is so lovely! Those tiny stitches!

  68. I can just picture my little 14-month old taking the cute little guy in…out…in…out…in…etc.

  69. The gnome and sleeping bag are so cute!
    I love your work. Thank you for sharing your many patterns.

  70. oh! he’s all ready to join us in the tent in the backyard! he’s delightful!

  71. I do a little Waldorf with my daughter so we’d love this so, so, so, so much! Really I’d adore it with all my heart. I’ve got to check out the rest of your site and your homeschooling blog. I have a toddler learning blog myself.

  72. Never Have I heard of a peg gnome!! hehe We’re having a give away too

    xo Steph srdot(at)mac(dot)com

  73. This is so great! I have a friend who LOVES gnomes, and would adore this. Good luck to me! (or… well… her, though me)

  74. i love this! just went to a rummage sale at our local waldorf school – so reminds me of this school’s aesthetically pleasing toys!

  75. Thank you for the chance to win, my daughter would love it.
    PS I love the shorts you made for your son, the airforce ones are so cool!!

  76. This is so adorable. How sweet of you to give it away!

  77. Oh my word, that is WAY too cute!!! My daughter would have a ball with that.

  78. That is so cute. I would love to make some in different colors.

  79. I just want to cradle it in my hand. It’s darling and cute colors.

  80. that’s so sweet. perfect and cuddly for winter time.

  81. Oh he is just enchanting! My short people are a bit obsessed with sleeping bags lol

  82. Oh I’ll make a home
    For a little green gnome
    With a box-garden where she can play
    And a cat she can ride
    And a warm bed inside
    If I’m lucky in this giveaway!

    (sung to the tune of Home on the Range, a’course!)

    I love it!

  83. Such a sweet and peaceful little guy. I bet we could make up a tent for him to sleep in so that the fairies wouldn’t bother him.

  84. It’s so cute! My youngest is totally into playing with little things, so this would be a nice gift to him.

  85. What adorable prizes. We love fairies, gnomes and such in our home.

  86. Awww, what a cute little gnome! He’s make a great addition to my son’s gnome collection.

  87. There is nothing more perfect then handmade toys! Super cute!

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