Blue and Sparkly “Show and Tell”

Blue and Sparkly “Show and Tell”

Early in the Fall, I realized that Fairy had outgrown basically all of her sweaters. So of course I set off to rectify that situation. One of the main places she wears sweaters is in the dance studio. When I asked her what she wanted she just said “light blue and sparkly.” Ok, I can do that, although I did take a moment to reconcile myself with the fact that she doesn’t want pink anymore. Its not the color (you wouldn’t have caught me dead in pink past the age of two) but the acknowledgment that she was moving beyond that “everything has to be pink” stage that she lived in for so long that made me pause for a moment.

Growing pains aside, onto my Show and Tell… I totally love this project. I started with this super fun Sequin Yarn from Bernat. Somehow during the spinning process, a single pink sequin ended up in one of the skeins of yarn. Fairy is delighted about that one pink sequin and shows it to everyone. I can’t help but think that maybe is slightly symbolic… silly yarn… here it is reminding us that the pink princess in still in there. 😉


I found some blue bejeweled buttons. Seriously, this sweater is all about the bling! I also used a sparkly pony tail band as the closure.


And then sat down to play with this zig-zag eyelet pattern that caught my eye. It took several tries to get the shaping just right and it is probably a bit big (but who wants to knit a sweater that only fits one season?)


And now my Blue Princess, is toasty warm and ready to dazzle!


I took lots of notes. And may at some point in the future try to write it up as a pattern to share. But don’t hold me to that. LOL. The knitting notes that work for me don’t always translate easily into a sizable, sharable pattern. I can be all about winging it… so we’ll see.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


    1. She has not only such a lovely fairy sweather but also such a lovely mother…I believe thereu00B4s a pink fairy hidden in your and her soul, so donu00B4t worry:-)

  1. Who knew that what would be considered a terrible flaw in the yarn would turn into such a special part of this cute sweater? Your little one looks so happy and proud to be wearing her new dancing togs.

    I don’t knit, but I do hope you share how you made it so others can make their princesses a sparkly fairy sweater too.

    I’m writing to let you know that you are featured in this week’s Featured Friday post on my crafting blog. You can check it out here – Featured Friday.

    1. Thanks for linking to us. I can't think of a nicer way for anyone to say thank you than sharing our site with their friends 🙂

  2. Love the cute sweater, with its one pink sequin. She looks adorable in it and you should be proud of yourself for suck a great job. The pattern looks good – inspiration for 2 small girls I know of a similar age… and just in time to knit it for Christmas perhpas.
    Thanks, Liz

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