Apple Stackers

Apple Stackers

As soon as the weather gets remotely nice, we move as much of our living outdoors as possible. This means more walk-abouts and backyard picnics. When my children were growing up, Apple Stackers were one of their favorite snacks. They could help me make them, and they were great to take on-the-go. (Note: After slicing your apple, keep the apple together and wrap tightly as a whole apple. When you are ready for a snack, simply unwrap the apple and hand out slices!)

Michelle and I now make Apple Stackers for Bug, Fairy and Pixie. Below is a blog Michelle posted January 2009 on Wee Folk Activities. Totally yummy and healthy, plus easy for active families to take along. What could be better? Do you have a favorite recipe or snack idea for taking out-of-doors? Feel free to include suggestions or recipes in the comments, or email them to us at   


I am not in the mood for any more baking… especially considering we still have tins of Christmas cookies left. So instead of the Snowballs I had thought about making this week… we instead made stuffed apples/apple dippers.

I do not have an exact recipe for this. It is more of a ‘to taste’ sorta deal but super easy and I highly recommend it! This was a childhood favorite of mine.


Apple Dipper Filling: Mix approximately 1/2 a stick (4 ozs) of cream cheese, 1/2 cup of peanut butter and 1/4 cup of honey.


Core an apple (if you do not have a corer – just slice the apples and serve with dip on the side).



Stuff the apples with the filling.


Slice the stuffed apples in thick slices.


Serve with extra dip.



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. This is such a clever idea. Can’t wait to try it for our next outing.

    1. Thanks. We always love to be featured on our readers’ blogs. The best compliment we can receive!

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