In our family we have at least 15 or so traditional family Christmas cookies. We talk about cutting back every year but in order to make sure everyone has their favorites… well we end up making almost all of them every time. This year, amidst the holiday prep, Gammy leftRead More →

This past weekend our 25 year old “baby” made a bowl of a heavenly Avocado Salsa that was awesome. I said, “See, this is the benefit of allowing the children in the kitchen… they grow up to be great cooks!” This reminded me of a post first published on myRead More →

It seems like the autumn winds are finally picking up, pushing the last of summer into our memories. It’s a magical time of year, when you can gather pumpkins, watch flocks of geese flying south, and gather bouquets of colored leaves to bring indoors. And what could be better whenRead More →

Over the last couple weeks we have had our share of this nasty heat wave. We came home from the cool mountains of Vermont to sweltering heat and humidity. Of course, the heat helped ripened the all the berries a bit early and we were left to pick in theRead More →

Every family has their favorite traditional foods they make for Christmas. In Michelle’s house, Christmas breakfast always includes a birthday cake for Baby Jesus. Although pancake men are not a part of our holiday celebration, the children enjoyed them just the same ūüôā In the book Christmas in the BigRead More →

We received 2 recipes for pumpkin bread. When comparing the 2 recipes, they were nearly identical, except one recipe made 1 loaf and the other made 2 loaves. There were also some slight variations in the spices. Neither recipe included a photo, so when I had this THING this week,Read More →

When I received this recipe, I thought, okay, I’m in heaven now. Pumpkin and chocolate chips! These sound so wonderful I can’t wait to try them. But what really got to me, was Hallie’s account of the first time she tried them. How many wonderful memories have food, family and friendsRead More →

  I was absolutely thrilled to see this recipe, shared by Sonia at Fledgling’s Hollow. New to blogging, but certainly not new to baking, not only does Sonia share her recipe for the scones, but gives wonderful directions to cook fresh pumpkins. Enjoy the recipes and make sure you stop by Sonia’s blogRead More →

At the end of October we invited readers to share their favorite pumpkin recipes. Because the markets are overflowing with the fall harvest right now, it makes sense that pumpkin is such a common ingredient in fall cooking. The smell of spicy pumpkin dishes always makes me think of cool autumn days, and of family, friends and theRead More →

I first shared this post on my original blog,¬†One Generation to Another back on October 30, 2007. Sometimes after I’ve wiped¬†down the “stickies” in the kitchen after the grandbabies have been helping me, I like to reread this post. I always smile. I hope it speaks to you, too. OneRead More →

As soon as the weather gets remotely nice, we move as much of our¬†living outdoors as possible. This means more walk-abouts and backyard picnics. When my children were growing up, Apple¬†Stackers were one of their¬†favorite snacks. They¬†could help me make them, and they were great to take on-the-go. (Note:¬†After slicingRead More →

Yesterday I made Cream Cheese Pound Cake for dessert. It has long been one of our family’s favorite. Rich and delicious, you can serve it with a glaze or with fruit, but it is plenty yummy all by itself. This recipe can be rather finicky and it is time consuming,Read More →

We when got home from the Sugar Bush we decided that we needed to make our own Maple Sugar Candy. But I think I should point out, I am not a candy maker… in general I just don’t have the patience for it. Sugar can be a tricky beast ;). I’m guessingRead More →

Several weeks ago I asked for special chicken soup recipes. I got a few, plus I got this email from Meghan, at A Bolder Table, with a recipe… not for chicken soup, but for another soup that sounded too delicious to pass up. When I went shopping the other day,Read More →

Remember… If you would like to share your favorite chicken soup recipe with our readers, just email us the recipe, along with a little something about the soup, your website, if you have one, and a pic is available. It’s always so much fun to "swap" recipes with friends! Sue,Read More →

If someone asked me what my favorite food was, I’d say soup. I know that’s not very specific. There’s hundreds, nah thousands, of soups from simple broths to creamy bisque’s. But it doesn’t matter to me. I have yet to meet a soup I didn’t like. Okay, I take that back…Read More →

I was very excited to see this recipe. It is unlike any cookie I’ve ever made. How cool is that? Chiska shared this recipe and gave us a lovely little story about how it came to her family. I can’t wait to give this a try. Thank you so much, Chiska, for this lovelyRead More →

  I can remember the first time I had these Chocolate No Bake Cookies. I LOVE fudge, but it can be tricky to make. These cookies satisfy me every bit as much as fudge, but with much less work! I haven’t made them for a while, so a big thanksRead More →

Michelle and I are getting ready for our Holiday break. Family is coming in, along with lots of cooking and playing. We still have a couple of cookie recipes to share. We would like to thank everyone that shared a recipe with us. It is always fun to see whatRead More →