Art Outside

Art Outside


After several days (or was it weeks?) of miserable heat and humidity that was making everyone cranky, the weather broke and we are now free to enjoy being outdoors again. We’ve spent hours outside in the last few days making up for lost time. Although Pixie loves being outside, she can’t go long without her art supplies. This often includes water colors at the picnic table, sidewalk chalk on the front porch and now since my grandma’s move and we have piles of packing paper she has added to the mix soy egg crayons on the driveway. She has been very busy coloring on a large scale and we now have many, many, many colorful sheets of paper that will make wonderful wrapping paper for all of our upcoming fall birthdays.








Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. You so captured her creative determination! Beautiful. We made the soy crayons shortly after you shared the recipe. We didn’t have egg molds so we poured them in plastic ice cube trays. They are wonderful for large, free flowing expression. The kids love using them.

  2. Looks so fun to do!!

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