Nooks and Crannies ~ The Murphy Bed

Nooks and Crannies ~ The Murphy Bed



“Nooks and Crannies” are special places in our homes and gardens that deserve mention. It is not a whole room, but rather a single element that adds to the overall charm or functionality of the space. Words may accompany photos or photos can speak for themselves.If you would like to share one of your “Nooks and Crannies”, just link to it in the comments and others will be able to stop by and take a peek!

Although we are empty nesters, we still need to share our space with visiting children and grandchildren. My craft room needs to double as a guest room when the need arises. My totally brilliant and accommodating Timothy introduced me to the wonders of a Murphy Bed, then built one in my craft room. When guests are visiting, we pull the bed down. When they leave, we fold up the bed, return my table, and wah-lah, I have my craft room back. BTW… I am aware that I have not finished painting the door panels of the Murphy Bed… I’ve been aware of that for 6 years 🙂 AND, before anyone asks… No, we did not trap little George in the bed! 







For more information about Murphy Beds check out these two sites.




  1. That is so incredible. I’ve never even heard of a murphy bed before. We live in a 2 bedroom bungalow. Our second bedroom was a guest room but I’m pregnant now and we need it as a nursery. We were trying to figure out where our parents would sleep when they visit. We don’t do building but a good friend does. I’m going to send him the links and see if he can help us. Thanks for this wonderful idea.

  2. I actually had a murphy bed in a room that I sublet one summer at college. I didn’t look anything like this. I was an ugly metal thing that use to occassionally fall down on its own! This is awesome. Wish we were a little handier around here. I’d love to be able to get rid of the blow up mattresses we use when we have company. Btw I love the rug!

  3. First let me say I am such a slob that I could never share my crafting space with a guest. It looks like an incredible room but I want you to spin around and show me your mess. Where are your stacks? Where do you hide your supplies? The murphy bed reminds me of my Uncle Henry. He had an old, ugly metal murphy bed on the back porch. He’d pull it down and sleep on it if he had been late at the pub and didn’t want my aunt to know 😉

  4. Great use of space but I have to agree with Daphney. Where are your crafting supplies and mess. Our dog won’t even wander into my crafting corner in the basement. Maybe one day you’ll share your mess with us, hehe.

  5. Trust me when I tell you that I totally slop out when I’m crafting. Although my supplies that are tucked on shelves and closets are usually pretty organized, my craft room gets unslightly when I get started. In the top photo, in the bottom left corner, you can just make out a crib. It is normally overflowing with stacks that need to go into the nice, neat closets! The grandbabies also play in there when I craft, and emptying jars and jars of buttons is a favorite past time. Although they pick them up after… well, you can imagine how well that goes. So, you are seeing my crafting space at it’s best right now. The kids were in just a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t had a chance to trash the room yet 🙂

    1. omigosh, first of all, George is TOO adorable. I love your Murphy bed. I have a memory of one from my childhood friend’s home. Awesome!

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