Artterro Eco Art Kits :: Bubble Wands

Artterro Eco Art Kits :: Bubble Wands

I was thrilled when Michelle called me and told me Artterro Eco Art Kits wanted to be a Wee Folk Art sponsor. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re in for a real treat. Tomorrow, Artterro will be hosting a give-away here at Wee Folk Art. So, we thought it would be a colossally awesome idea, to introduce you to 1 of the many kits available from Artterro. 

When we were deciding which kit to share, we showed Fairy and Pixie the Artterro kits, and had them chose one. Believe me, it was no easy task. “Can’t we try them all?” was Fairy’s first question! Finally, after much debate, the girls decided on the Deluxe Bubble Wand Kit.

There are many wonderful things about Artterro Kits, the first thing is all the supplies you need are in the box. If you are anything like me, that’s more or less a dream come true. How many times have I wanted to make something with the wee ones and not have all the supplies on hand. With Artterro, you just open the box, and boom, instant crafting! We found the instruction were very easy to follow, and there were plenty of materials. Fairy and Pixie were able to each make Bubble Wands, Bug adorned his staff, and there are still enough materials left over to make some pretties for the garden. 

For this kit, it was suggested to use a scrap piece of wood and a few nails to help shape their wands. Those we had on hand. We also provided our own wire clippers. Pixie is 7 and Fairy is 9. They were able to do much of the project themselves, with a wee bit of help from Gammy and Mommy.

The girls were thrilled were their projects and impatient to get outside and give them a try! Using the bubble recipe included in the kit, they soon mixed up a batch and headed outside!

Success! Not only did their wands turn out beautiful, they worked like a dream… a sweet dream with bubbles and giggles!

Bug doesn’t always join us at craft time, but when he saw the wire and jewels on the table, he immediately had an idea of what he wanted to do. He grabbed his favorite staff, and quickly embellished it with “magic” jewels and charms. He headed outdoors to give it a try. It was beautiful the way the sun reflected through the glass beads and orbs. It truly looked like a magical wizard’s staff.

So, as a family, we whole-heartedly give it a Ten Thumbs Up! Make sure you stop in tomorrow to enter the Artterro Eco Art Kits give-away! 




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  1. The doll kit looks awesome! I know the girls would love it. And the orange journal. Thanx

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