Yo Yo Contour Clip Barrettes

Yo Yo Contour Clip Barrettes

The girls needed matching barrettes for their new outfits, so of course I got right on it! Although they haven’t seen them yet, I’m sure they are going to love them. I made these for Pixie, using the cherry print in her ruffle. I decide to use a yo yo style with lace to mimic the ruffles in her outfit. For Fairy I plan to make a set of our Contour Clip Barrettes with the cupcake applique found in the pattern.

The Yo Yo barrettes were totally fun to make and easy. The set took me only half an hour to make. Think of the possibilities. An afternoon of barrette making would produce a bushel of barrettes! Think summer birthday parties. What a great gift, right?

Our pattern for the Yo Yo Contour Clip Barrettes is available HERE or in our FREE Open Pattern section. Enjoy!



  1. Very cute but what, we don’t get to see them in Pixie’s hair? Hmmmm? Hehe. I always think of monkeys when I see the yo yos. My great grandmum made a yo yo monkey for me when I was a kid and it really scared me. These don’t scare me;) I’ll have to give them a try.

  2. Yo Yo contour Clip barrettes are really a exciting post and really much needed things for all the girls. I want to say its looking so stylish but some time looking like an egg. Thanks for introducing for us.

    1. LOL… hmmm… an egg… hadn’t thought about it before but you are right! Thanks for the idea… I think I’ll make some "fried egg" barrettes! Glad you liked them.

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