Beginning Winter Wonderland

Beginning Winter Wonderland

Ahhh, today is our first day getting back into our normal routines. We had a joyful holiday season but as I so often am, I am sooo ready to get into our normal pattern of daily life. We have a few new school books we will be trying out, including a beginning Latin program for my history obsessed son who has asked to start a language. And of course, Pixie girl will be moving onto our Winter Wonderland unit. If you are interested in joining us for some winter fun with a nature focus, check out our Winter Wonderland unit.

BTW – I decided after completing the Harvest Time unit that I will probably not do weekly update posts with the book lists but instead would like to encourage everyone working on the Winter Wonderland unit to leave comments on the curriculum post. That way all the comments will be in one place.

If you are working on the unit and would like to include the button on the blog… here it is. You can copy and save it to your computer or just copy the text below and paste it on your page.

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Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Welcome back! I’ve really missed you guys. Seemed strange not to go to Wee Folk Art everyday. I’m like you, Michelle, I always love getting back into our family’s rhythm. Love the holidays but we always function so much better with our normal routines. My littlest one will be enjoying the winter program. Thanks so much for everything you guys do, please don’t stop. I really missed you and wishing you both a joyous New Year.

  2. We started our Winter Wonderland today also! I’ve adapted the Nature Studies, and the themes to fit our different needs (living in the dessert) and I am so excited for this trimester. There are so many fun things in store. Thank you eternally for all the hard work you’ve put into this, and all the wisdom you share with us.

    much love

  3. Thank you for such a lovely website 🙂 I am counting down the days of Summer as we live in Australia. Then my son and I can start your Harvest Time curriculum. Will you do a Summer based curriculum also?

  4. We’ll be using Winter Wonderland starting next week. I went through and discovered my library carries all but 2 of the books! So now I just have to start putting things on hold.

  5. Hi There, we’re over in chilly England, And I cant tell you how excited I am by your curriculums!
    My children are 3 and 5 and until now we’ve been pretty much lost, a friend tipped me off about your web-site and I fully intend on begining Winter Wonderland on Monday. here I come!
    Love and Light to you and your Family.
    The Lawlors.

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