This is a relatively easy project to complete with your kids. While reading Going Lobstering, my girls made sort of a game out of finding the right buoy in the pictures. The idea that every fisherman paints his buoys will a special pattern was fascinating to them and theyRead More →

While learning about the New England states, we completed this fun mixed-media sailboat painting. It combines one of our favorite activities, wet on wet watercolor painting, with recycling easily found papers. I love how playful and whimsical the finished paintings turned out. Enjoy! Materials: 11″ x 15″ 140lb watercolor paper (27.9Read More →

Reading Narration/Summary and Vocabulary Journal Page Journal Page with One Image Box and Dotted Mid Lines Journal Page with One Image Box and Standard Lines Journal Page with Two Image Boxes and Dotted Mid Lines Journal Page with Two Image Boxes and Standard Lines Journal Page with Three Image BoxesRead More →

I’m excited to tell you that we will be sharing our new Free Homeschool Companion Curriculum, State Studies Unit 1, on a weekly basis as we are working on the unit. After we have completed the unit I will go back and organized it all into a PDF format similarRead More →

One of the amazing things about homeschooling is the ability to reassess your process, your progress, and your goals at any time. You have the chance to make changes to your day or curriculum as needed. This is one of the gifts of homeschooling, at the same time though, itRead More →

Although January 1st usually gets credited with New Year’s Resolutions, isn’t it really at the end of August, as you gather school supplies gearing up to return to your normally scheduled activities that you make your greatest resolutions? Maybe they include that this year there will be more family dinners,Read More →

  This week we are beginning our Harvest Time Curriculum with Pixie. Of course, Fairy and Bug will participate in many of the hands-on activities. Pixie has gone through the unit two years ago, but we are looking forward to doing it again with her. She will have a totallyRead More →

Hi everyone. I just thought I would stop in and let you all know that the new Homeschool Companion Puddles and Ponds schedule and book list are organized and ready to use. I don’t have it ready as a printable pdf (I’m working on updating all of the unit pdfs)Read More →

Around these parts when we talk about W.I.P. (work in progress) we are not always speaking about what’s on our needles or looms. Often we set aside our normal crafting and work on designing units for the wee ones. These units give us all a chance to really dig intoRead More →

Our winner of the Winter Wonderland Give Away is… Submitted by Kristy on Sat, 01/15/2011 – 10:38. What a nice thing to do! I would share these books with my 3 nature loving, homeschool girls. Congratulations, Kristy. Just send your snail mail address to and we will send itRead More →

Ahhh, today is our first day getting back into our normal routines. We had a joyful holiday season but as I so often am, I am sooo ready to get into our normal pattern of daily life. We have a few new school books we will be trying out, includingRead More →

  We have been working on a Geology Unit for the past 8 weeks or so. I let the kids take turns choosing science projects, this was Bug’s request. Science is the subject that I feel comfortable letting the kids call most of the shots but I have used Evan-Moore’sRead More →