For the Birds – Pinecone Feeder

For the Birds – Pinecone Feeder


We made some basic pine cone bird feeders this week. We took several of the pine cones we gathered and cleaned this fall, spread peanut butter mixed with cornmeal on each of their scales and then rolled them in shelled sunflower seeds.

The older two kiddos each made a couple but as most of these types of projects go, Pixie was the one who insisted on finishing every pine cone I brought to the table. Hehe, I’m glad I didn’t bring in the entire bag full… but rather just a couple hand fulls.

We hung several on the tree outside the kitchen window not far from our other feeder and plan to take the rest to Gammy’s house. The birds don’t seem to have discovered them yet… but I’m sure they will enjoy them once they do.

Please note: There are differing opinions on whether or not straight up peanut butter is safe for the birds, which is why I recommend mixing it with cornmeal but you can do this project without any peanut butter using all lard or crisco if you would like. Here are some articles I found helpful that discuss the peanut butter myth…,,


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