Wooden Christmas Blocks

Wooden Christmas Blocks

I have got about 3 minutes before my house is invaded by the grandbabies for our weekly bagels and corned beef. BUT, I just finished these blocks and I LOVE them. I plan to fill my house with “words” this Christmas. Besides the normal MERRY CHRISTMAS, PEACE and JOY, I plan to make all the Golden Ticket words from Polar Express, which I love. Okay, all the time I have. Instructions will be up later this evening or tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. I love the words, the little birds ontop are absolutely adorable also.

    1. Love them, can’t wait for your instructions too. The birds and the trees are so cute as well.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful display!The birdies are so cute too! That charming santa painting is also adorable!

  3. OMG! I love the Santa painting. Would you mind letting us know where you found it? I love the Blocks also, thanks for the all the hard work making these!

    1. I bought this picture at a small shop over 15 years ago. There is no information on the back either. The print isn’t even signed. Sorry! I absolutely love this picture. As a matter of fact, it stays up all year long. I have several Santas that I keep out all year. They are a reminder to keep Christmas in your heart always. My house is predominantly decorated in greens and reds. It’s kind of a joke around here that my house ALWAYS looks like it’s decorated for Christmas. I can live with that 🙂

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