Bitty Birdie Coloring Page

Bitty Birdie Coloring Page

I actually designed and made my Bitty Birdie Applique Block a couple of years ago. It was for a project I never completed. (Oh, I have so many of those 🙂 Anyway, when I shared the applique block yesterday, I thought, the wee ones would love to paint this. So, I added another tree and tah dah… we now have a Bitty Birdie Coloring Page for your enjoyment 🙂

I always water color one of the pages for the blog. (To find out how I did this, read about the process HERE. If you’d like to see all of our coloring pages go HERE.) I am a fan of this design, and I liked the water color so much, I stuck it in a frame and set it out for all the world to see! Wouldn’t this look ever so cute in a wee one’s room?

It also gave me another idea for Wee Folk Art Market Place. But I’ll talk about THAT more when we catch up on some other matters 🙂 Anyway, if you or the wee ones would like to color/paint your own Bitty Birdie, you can print the page HERE.


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  1. This is so adorable. My printer sucks so I know I could never get water color paper through it, but I can trace it onto water color paper. So will look so cute in my baby’s room. Can you tell me something about your stacker? It is so cute. Please tell me you didn’t make it!!!

    1. This will look so cute in a child's room. (Of course I have mine out in the middle of the house 🙂 As for the stacker… when Bamboo magazine asked us to contribute a craft, I immediately thought of making a flower stacker. Tim said he would cut out the wood and sand it for me, leaving me the task of painting and writing the article. It took Tim, an experienced woodworker, about 6 hours to cut and sand this. He told me, and I quote, "Never again". When we discovered this was such a time consuming and difficult project, we changed our plans for the magazine, and made a very simple stacker that even beginner woodworkers could handle.

      So, this stacker is mine. We aren't even giving it to any of the grandbabies! They can play with it when they come to visit Gammy and Othy 🙂

  2. This is so cute. We just had a baby and did the nursery in a bright, but pastle rainbow colors, a lot like the colors in the watercolor. This will look so pretty there. I need supplies, but I will make it. I’m so excited because I get to be a stay at home mom and the list of things I want to make from your site is long and mighty. I also want to start a family blog. I’m so inspired by you guys.

    I thought you might like to hear this, but we named our daughter Kimara Rose! I’ve thought your name is beautiful since the first time I heard it and I don’t know anyone else that is named that and I haven’t seen it in any baby books. Does it have any special meaning or is it ethnic? How did your parents come up with that name?

    1. This is so funny. I just found out we are having a little girl (we have 3 boys already). I also love Kimara’s name but I couldn’t come up with a middle name I wanted to go with it. I just talked to my husband and we are going to go with Kimara Rose. My baby has a name YAY!

      I think you might be responsible for a new trend, Kimara!

      1. Hi Bonnie,
        As long as you don’t live in Garrison, ND I think that is awesome!

        I’m looking forward to hearing your name story, because I guess in a way, it will be part of Kimara Rose’s name story, too.

    2. Well, isn't this fun 🙂 I was going to tell you about the name, and Tim said, "This warrants a blog post". So, next week, I'll tell you all about Kimara. There is a story behind my name 🙂 In the mean time, I think Kimara Rose is a beautiful name.

      On another note, I'm thinking of doing a series of drawings with this bitty birdie 🙂 

  3. Your Bitty Birdie is so cute! She looks like she could be friends with my two favorite geese, Gossie and Gertie, from Olivier Dunrea’s books.

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