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Here is our Dimetrodon Coloring Page based on our Dimetrodon Applique. There will be four dinosaurs in this series. Watch for them over the next few weeks. Dimetrodon Applique The Dimetrodon Coloring Page can be found HERE. The Dimetrodon Applique can be found HERE. The Dinosaur Applique Collection coming soon.Read More →

Here is our pudgy little parrot ready to strike up a conversation with anyone that passes by. Our Folk Art Bird Coloring Page is based on our Folk Art Bird Applique. You can make a copy of the coloring page on regular paper, card stock, or if your printer canRead More →

Being raised with three brothers and no sisters there wasn’t much room in my life for fussy dresses. I needed to run, jump, hang upside down from monkey bars and generally do things that dresses tended to balk at. But, oh, for the holidays, my mother insisted I wore superRead More →

JAM by Kimara Wise I like jam on crackers, I like jam on toast, But sweet jam by the spoonful, Pleases me the most. I like jam in pudding, I like jam in tea, But sweet jam by the spoonful, Truly pleases me! Our Strawberry Jam Coloring Page is basedRead More →

  ODE TO SPINNING SPIDERS by Kimara Wise There are those that fear the spider, Filling them with dread, But I must sing their praises, For their skills at spinning thread. I could sit for hours With my wheel in front of me, And never spin a silken strand, AsRead More →

THE SNAIL by Kimara Wise You creep throughout my garden, Nibbling as you roam. Your house is on your back, You’re never far from home. I wouldn’t mind you eating, A leaf or two or three. But must you take a bite Out of every one you see?   OurRead More →

DRAGONFLIES AT PLAY by Kimara Wise When fairies were created, I think it’s safe to say, That someone watch the dragonflies, Joyously at play. They dance among the flowers, The flit among the leaves, Lapping up the dewdrops, Like early morning thieves. Their wings are iridescent, They’re delicate and fine, LikeRead More →

  I have a confession to make… I love balls of yarn. I know yarn is often wound in skeins so you can stick your finger in the center and pull out an end, making the process of pulling the yarn easy and it stops yarn from rolling around yourRead More →

I have many crafting supplies that give me pleasure just looking at them. I love my spools of thread. There are so many beautiful colors and they remind me of being a little girl. I use to love to sort my mom’s thread by color or stack them up andRead More →

BOX OF CRAYONS by Kimara Wise If I could name the crayons Oh what fun it’d be, The names would be extraordinary, Just like you and me! Red would be “Ketchup” Orange “Marmalade” Brown would be “Squishy Mud” And, Purple, “Monster Shade”. Yellow would be “Dandelion” Green “Dragon Scales” BlueRead More →

Annuals and Perennials – Kimara Wise Some friends are just like annuals, Splashy, bright and fun, They bring joy into my garden, Basking in the sun. But when the days grow shorter, And the cold winds start to blow, They do not stand beside me, In the rain and sleet andRead More →

A BUTTERFLY’S KISS – Kimara Wise I carried a grudge to the garden with me, The flowers’ beauty I failed to see. My mood was dark, my eyes downcast, No thought of the moment, only the past. I silently sat and counted my woes, When a butterfly landed on myRead More →

The Kite – Kimara Wise I wish that I was free to fly, And bid the earth a fond goodbye, And play among the drifting clouds, Far above the gazing crowds. Or travel far with feathered friends, Beyond the scope where vision ends, Where dreams are made with lofty thoughts,Read More →

UNDER MY UMBRELLA – Kimara Wise While sleep still held me in its arms, Safe and sound, far from harm, A raging tempest shook the eaves, It tumbled branches, scattered leaves. By time I woke from dream’s sweet rest, The storm had vanished as if in jest, And in its wakeRead More →

  THE RAINY DAY – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The day is cold, and dark, and dreary; It rains, and the wind is never weary; The vine still clings to the moldering wall, But at every gust the dead leaves fall, And the day is dark and dreary. My life is cold,Read More →

The Duck – Ogden Nash Behold the duck. It does not cluck.  A cluck it lacks.  It quacks.  It is specially fond Of a puddle or pond.  When it dines or sups,  It bottoms ups.   Here is our latest coloring page based on our Pond Duckie Applique.    The Pond DuckieRead More →

What is it about an ice cream cone that makes us feel like we are 8 years old? Few things conjure up such feelings of mirth as licking your favorite flavor on a summer’s day. Oh, and the delight of getting every last drip as it meanders down the cone.Read More →

Whether you are 1 or 91, when it comes to celebrating a birthday, it doesn’t seem complete without a yummy cake and a candle to blow out. So, make a wish and blow! I hope all your birthday wishes come true! This Birthday Cake coloring page is based on ourRead More →

In Michigan Valentine’s Day falls among some of our coldest, snowiest days of the year. So, a hot, steamy mug of cocoa, served in a sweet mug, piled high with whipped cream and sprinkles is a great way to combat the cold and to bring a little sweetness into yourRead More →

THE SNOWFLAKE by Kimara Wise You flit, you fly, your float around, Before you settle on the ground. Unique you are from all the rest, You take your place on nature’s breast. Although you disappear from sight, One of millions in the night. It makes me happy just to know,Read More →

Winter Trees by George Szirtes Aren’t you cold and won’t you freeze, With branches bare, you winter trees? You’ve thrown away your summer shift, Your autumn gold has come adrift. Dearie me, you winter trees, What strange behaviour, if you please! In summer you could wear much less, But comeRead More →

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favorite things.” from Favorite Things by Rodgers and Hammerstein ​ Here is our Warm Woolen Mittens Coloring Page based on our Warm WoolenRead More →