Bolga Basket Give Away!!!

Bolga Basket Give Away!!!

Edit: This contest is now closed. Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone that participated!

NOTE: Everyone is welcome to participate in this Give Away. We will gladly send a basket anywhere in the World 🙂

A couple of weeks ago on Facebook, I mentioned that I have recently fell in love with bolga baskets. I included a link showing how they were made. Authentic bolga baskets come from the small village of Bolgatanga, Ghana and continue to be made by hand, making each and every basket slightly different.

As it turned out, there was a lot of chatter about the baskets. Some readers were already proud owners of a bolga basket and sang their praises. Others, like myself, just drool over them and don’t own one themselves… yet! After a few days, and several emails with questions about them, I had an idea… a perfectly brilliant idea, I might add.

I contacted the lovely Sonya over at A Toy Garden because I know she carries bolga baskets. I told her about the wonderful response to my post, and asked her if she would be interested in hosting a bolga basket give away. She said, yes… YAY Sonya! She sent not one, but two baskets that we have to give away. There is a small Child’s Bolga basket and a large Child’s Bolga Basket. (The Large baskets are 9" or more in diameter. The Medium baskets are 7 1/2" – 9" in diameter. The Small baskets are 6 1/2" – 7 1/2" in diameter.) BTW… she also carries a medium size, a large size, and an oval market basket. These are all much larger than the children’s baskets. The oval market basket is a great size for actually taking to market instead of using disposal bags or for stashing your knitting and craft projects in! The children’s baskets are her best sellers and children use them for play and for lunch baskets. But don’t let the name "child" fool you. They are absolutely beautiful and would make a nice addition to any family… even those without small children!

As a way of saying "Thanks bunches" to Sonya, I’d like everyone to think about the wee ones in their life be it child, grandchild, or even neighbor. Then decide on 1 gift you would buy if price were no object. I’ll start us off. I believe in making the ordinary, extraordinary. (That’s why I have 314 napkins 🙂 I am in love with A Toy Garden’s Rainbow Salad Bowl Set. If you have a child that normally won’t eat salad, put it in these beautiful bowls, and they just might have a change of heart!

To enter the contest, head over to A Toy Garden and find the perfect gift. Then, come back here and leave a comment telling us what you would purchase. If you would like to increase your chances of winning then Blog, Facebook or Tweet about us. Then, come back here and leave a separate comment for each additional time you spread the word. Make sure to include a link to your postings. 

The contest ends Sunday, August 1 at 9 EST when two winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be announced shortly afterward and contacted via email. Winners will have 1 week (August 8) to send us their snail mail address for shipping or a new winner will be selected. 

A big thanks to Sonya at A Toy Garden. This is an absolutely lovely give-away. And good luck to one and all. Uhmmm… I do wish to point out that I have these 2 beautiful bolga baskets sitting on my hutch right now… the very baskets that I was drooling over a mere 2 weeks ago… that I am going to need to pack up in a week and ship to 2 lucky winners! If I’m a bit "mopey" on Monday, you’ll know why 🙂




  1. I would love to purchase the Natures Kaleidescope for my grandson. What a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. It gives him the chance to explore outside and be unique. Better than movie watching or video games any day!

    1. What fun, what fun! I am going to start a nature table this fall, so I would love to get some gnomes, fairies & silks to kick things off.

  2. I’m in love with the Noah’s Ark set. Especially love the giraffes poking their heads out the roof. Love the idea of a bolga basket as my daughter’s lunch basket! Thanks for the chance to win. I’m feeling really lucky this time!

  3. I especially love the puzzles! My daughters are just beyond the peg puzzle stage and are on to the multi-piece stage, so the Wood Squirrel puzzle looks exactly right.

    The playsilks look like SO MUCH FUN, too.

    And who could say no to the Children’s Bolga Basket? My girls love to just collect stuff and put it into a gift bag or in their doll strollers. It is cute to see what they pick for the day. And it reminds me that every day I am showing them what has value and what does not, so I’m influencing what they carry on their hearts, too. An awesome responsibility.

  4. I especially love the felt train with animals set – a Toy Garden looks like a really great shop! I’ll be telling the grandparents about you this Christmas; it will be nice not having to tell them *exactly* what is appropriate, but giving them the name of a store where everything is great!

    The market basket looks wonderful – I’m hoping we win!

  5. Play silks are the best! I would love to get them for my boys!

  6. I’d love to get the big fire truck. I know a certain little some one who would absolutely love it ;o)

  7. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I’d get my kids new bikes to get them outside more

  8. Wow…hard to choose from so many wonderful things, but, because it is the basket giveaway, I would choose a child’s basket for my 2 1/2 yr old daughter and a large oval market basket for me to go to the farmer’s markets with!

  9. If I had to choose, I would get my daughter the fire, water, rainbow stackers. Some of her friends have them, and it is so funny to see their imagination at work! Another thing I would get is a playstand…what a magical place to play!

  10. If price was no object I would get the wood kitchen – it is beautiful!

  11. I love these bags. I hope this is a world wide giveaway, because I would love to win a basket. I would choose a rainbow stars puzzle or any of these wonderful puzzles. I know my middle one would spend hours on it.

  12. If money were not in the equation, I would have to choose the wood kitchen, or the wooden wagon and blocks. I love everything, and would really love a basket. They are beautiful!!

  13. I love the baskets and I love A toy Garden’s website. I visit it often when I am looking for gifts for my kids and friends. There are many things I would like but I think a Bolga Basket is at the top of my list! Perfect for my crocheting, kids stuff, garden….

  14. If money was no object I would buy the beautiful gnome hideaway. What fun! My grandson loves to play with small things. He has a big imagination and loves all things in nature. He would spending time making up imaginary adventures inside the delightful gnome hideaway!!

  15. The felted hat kit caught my eye… that would be super fun.

  16. I love so many things at A Toy Garden, but if I were to buy one thing for my baby, it would be a woolen onesie. My baby loves warmth, and a woolen undergarment like that would be perfect for the winter. As for toys, my baby is just discovering them, but I think she would enjoy the cuddle doll.

  17. I would get the Fairy Tale Stacking Village – so much fun.

  18. I have been slowly getting rid of plastic and ugly toys and replacing them with wooden, handmade toys. I would love to be able to add the play silks to our new treasures.

    I just bought three large bolga baskets and I love them!!

  19. I love it all. It’s so very hard to choose. The play silks and rainbow bowl & scoop would be at the top of the list 🙂 My sister in law just bought a bolga basket and its lovely.

  20. I love the Porcelain Flower Fairy Mug – that just went on my holiday list!Thank you for the chance to win one of these lovely baskets.

  21. so many beautiful and wonderful things to choose from … but I think my princesses would love the Princess Towels 🙂

    what a great giveaway! these baskets are beautiful!

  22. I love the ark with all the animals. We love wooden toys.

  23. I love pretty much everything on the rainbow pages and I’d be happy to give any of it to my daughter for her birthday. I particularly like the fairy tale stacking village though.

    My daughter would also love one of these baskets. One of her favorite things to do lately is to help me with the laundry and she insists upon lugging around one of my full size laundry baskets- which is large enough for her to ride in.

  24. Ohh if i could get her anything it would be the rainbow stars puzzle.. she has coveted one for such a long, long time.
    but the baskets…well they are rainbow too!

  25. pick ONE thing? No way … I’d have to get any of the wooden toys and any of the baskets – kids LOVE to fill up baskets. I love the little gnomes but if I had to pick one thing – the Nature Kalidescope. I do love those baskets!

  26. I love the wooden play stands, but they are out of our price range! 🙂 The baskets are Beautiful!!

  27. What a great website! Thanks for introducing me to it. I would choose the rainbow stacking houses in a heartbeat. With two 18mo twin boys, we do a lot of stacking and wrecking around here. The craftsmanship is clear. I even want to play with them!

  28. the felt mail set. my son loves loves loves doing the mail at our local children’s museum. but its really hard to decide as so many items are just beautiful. thanks to you both for this.

  29. Thanks so much for introducing me this new store! I am going to link them to my blog –( you are already linked on my side bar!) I would love the wood stands — I also love the “people mover”. Thanks for including me! Jamie

  30. I love everything! For today I’m going to choose some of the star and moon spoons. My little one is just starting his food journey and these are so lovely!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a basket, my favourite kind!

  31. I just love everything at A Toy Garden! We especially love the Sweet Pea dolls, the Large Wood Building Block Set and the Gnome Hideaway. Too many wonderful things to pick just one!! 🙂

  32. Oh goodness, do I have to choose one thing that I would love the most? well, felt sheets (one can never have too many wool felt sheets). I love that magnetic geometric puzzle too…and well, all the wooden cooking utensils (for kids) and food are just lovely.
    Great giveaway!! those are indeed beautiful baskets 🙂

  33. Ok, i absolutly LOVE all the stackers. I have a little girl who loves to build, but they don’t make enough wooden unique things that would last. I guess the doll house stacker would be perfect.

    and the baskets are GORGEOUS

  34. I love the big red fire truck! (and the vegetable garden set and the castle blocks and the worm in the cheese toys.) Oh my, so hard to choose. What a great site. Thanks for the heads up!

    And thanks for the great giveaway basket opportunity. I love these baskets and I love that we are supporting such a great endeavor.

  35. OMG! These are the baskets of my dreams. I love handmade products that have a story behind them. Needless to say and want and need these baskets!!!

    I love everything at the Toy garden shop. I would definitely pick the child’s wood stove and of course a BOLGA BASKET!

    I have blogged, facebooked and twitted this giveaway! Thanks Kimara and Toy Garden.

  36. what beautiful baskets!
    i wish i had a child, i would have to get him or her that art easel and some drawing supplies!!

  37. I have been lusting over the rainbow arches at Toy Garden for quite a while now. I think my kiddo would LOVE them.

  38. Wow….. to drool over… they are just beautiful. You know when you look at something and it just makes you happy…

  39. I LOVE the extra large rainbow stackers! I want one!!!
    Huge fan of the bolga baskets too! We just drove an hour on Sunday to buy some large ones for storing yarn!
    (but, I don’t have any child sized ones yet)!
    xo maureen

  40. These are fabulous – great colours and exactly what I’m needing for my weekly trip to the farmers’ market.

  41. If price was no object I would love the wooden kitchen equipment. I have two daughters and would love for them to have something like that! 🙂 Love the baskets too as well! 😀

  42. Choose? Hard to choose, so many wonderful things. I would pick the Sweetpea Doll as my favorite, and I think my great niece would love one for her birthday. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  43. If I could choose anything, I’d get the full set of play silks for my children. The playing would be endless!! Thanks for the opportunity to win and for turning me onto such a cool site!

  44. …Adore the Stockmar block crayons.

    We go through a lot of crayons here; mostly because we pick out a children’s book and everyone draws their own version of the same picture from the book. It’s amazing how differently each person interprets the picture.

    Anyway, the baskets are beautiful and I would love to win one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. One? You want me to pick ONE??? There is so much amazing stuff there!

    I guess I would have to pick the red fire engine. My son would be beyond thrilled.

  46. I love the Nature Kaleidescope kit and I know just who I would give it to.

  47. Thx for the awesome giveaway.

    Tie for me at The Toy Garden between The Giant Forest Gnomes and the UPS Gnomes. That brown and gold just always gets me happy because it usually means a fabric package has arrived. 🙂

  48. One of my must haves would be the gnome house. Love love love those baskets.

  49. What a great store! I really like the Mushroom doll and the wooden mushrooms. These Bolga baskets are beautiful-thanks for the chance to win one!

  50. If money were NO object, I would bring home the 340 piece maple block set. Oh, the things we could create with all those lovely blocks!

    I just want to add that Sonya is such a nice person! A couple years ago, I was looking everywhere for a toy coffee maker for my son, and Sonya made a special order for me. My experiences with A Toy Garden always exceed my expectations of both product quality and customer service.

  51. So many things on my wishlist for the kids. Since my youngest took her first steps yesterday, I’m eyeing the walker wagon.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  52. The large wood building block set is a fantastic idea! I could see my kids having a lot of fun with those.

  53. I love the baskets so much. My little one is all about put and take right now. These would be beautiful and well utilized in her kitchen. I would definitely get the Noah’s Ark. As a matter of fact, now that I’ve discovered A Toy Garden, I am going to save up for it. It would make a great Christmas gift for my little Jasmin! Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. I have always loved this colorful doll house stacker for it’s versatility…my daughter would just love this too. And those baskets are the best, small or large they just do the trick! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  55. I’m in high school so I don’t have kids but I love your site and make many of your crafts. I love these baskets and would use one to keep all my hair stuff in. If I could anything at a toy garden, I’d like the giant croaking toad. Weird, right? I love toads and think he would be awesome.

  56. And you want me to choose just ONE thing I’d want from Toy Garden? I’ve got at least four on my list, but since “money is no object” I will say that I choose the stack of 100% wool felt. I’d love to get my hands on some of that and make something cute and fun.

  57. I shared with my Facebook friends. And now I will say one of the other things I’d choose from A Toy Garden is those charming little owl gourd shakers. Those are really cool.

  58. They remind me a bit of my treasured South Carolina Sweetgrass Baskets I own. Of course you need to add me to the mix of hopefuls to win one of these though. I doubt I’d give it to one of my little nieces, I’d selfishly stuff my latest crocheting project in one and proudly carry it all around town!

    Hope you ladies are staying cool up north!

    Hootie 🙂

  59. Beautiful baskets. I kept going back to the DIY section and loved the loom. After reading about the Toad and the Owl gourds I need to go back and look, somehow I missed those.

  60. Wow–what a very generous give-away. Thank you!

    I don’t know how one could possibly decide on one thing–there are so many wonderful ones. I’m leaning towards the wooden construction crane for my grandson.

  61. Ever since my girls got to play with those extra large rainbow stackers at a friend’s house, I have been dying to get a set for my girls but just haven’t been able to yet! But if money were no object…that would definately be my first choice!!

    Those baskets are just beautiful tho!! Oh the uses we would have for it!

  62. I have been wanting to get the wildcrafting game for a long time, I miss foraging in the winter and I think it would be a great way to keep up the kids’ memory

  63. That fresh organic fruit basket is fantastic!

  64. My husband and I were just talking about toddler beds since my 18 month old refuses to stay in his bed anymore. I would like the toddler bed and may just order this one. I love it. The baskets are adorable. Ever since I saw your Facebook post the other day I’ve been reading about them and seeing them everywhere now. Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for introducing me to a Toy Garden

  65. I love the puzzles the best!
    Thank you for the chance to win the baskets! I’ve been wanting to have one of them for so long!

  66. My little people would LOVE one of those beautiful baskets to take with them when they are gathering herbs and hazel nuts and pinecones and all their treasures. And the thing I fell in love with was the lovely silk/flannel rainbow blanket – I think I need one for me, one each for the children and one to just sit and look at!

  67. I have been a fan of A Toy Garden for a long time…..I would love anything from their site, but honestly have been wanting a bolga basket for a long time!

  68. oh, my! so many delightful things over there. it would be a tough pick-construction toys for my boys, felt house or sweetpea dolls would be loved by my girls. the bolga baskets would be adored by all four of mine! 🙂 happy day!

  69. I’d love to get a set of Stockmar Block Crayons in Tin

  70. My little guy would love the Natural Wood Castle Stacking Set.

  71. There are many beautiful things, but I love the snowman and bunny ornament.

  72. My kids would love the multicolored beeswax candle making kit. It looks like something my 8 year old and 3 year old could both do.

  73. I have been “drooling” over these baskets for almost 2 years now.

  74. I love A Toy Garden. It is such a great resource. We’ve been coveting their bolga basket selection for a long time, but my daughter would also love their Summer Felted Maiden.

  75. I love A Toy Garden!! And I love these baskets, but I’ve never managed to buy any. As for a gift, Toy Garden has the best play silks (we have many, and the giant rainbow silk is fantastic)– I think a bolga basket with a few silks would be a wonderful gift 🙂

  76. we love the playsilks from a toy garden, and i’ll be placing an order soon for wool felt sheets, kite paper and other art supplies, as sonya’s prices and shipping can’t be beat!

  77. There are so many things I would love to buy from that website! So, so many things.

    But I love the Itty Bitty Star Babies.

  78. I would love to get the wood kitchen for my kids. If money were no object.

  79. The perfect gift for my little boy would be the large wood building block set. I could see him spending hours and hours with these.

  80. Wow, thank you so much for this giveaway. I really really love the bolga baskets,they are so very beautiful! If I had my pick, I would choose the fire, water, and rainbow house stacking toys.

  81. I am honestly having trouble picking! I love all the rainbow/color wheel puzzles–my girls would spend hours arranging them. And I really like the 5 layer block set. And I also really like the colorful large tea set–imagine, a tea set actually large enough for children to have a real tea party! (ie the plates hold more than one raisin apiece!) So many lovely things to choose from… quite a few of these are going on my girls’ wish lists!

  82. here at our home we really love anything rainbow colored. personaly i think im gonna buy the play silk.
    and of course a bolga basket is a dream.
    thank you

  83. Hi! What a wonderful site. There are so many things that caught my eye. I loved all the dolls and gnomes. I especially liked the engraved rainbow gourd and the rainbow salad bowls, what a delight to eat from these, but my favourite was the natural wood doll stroller.

  84. I love all things Noah themed, and the Rainbow Ark immediately caught my eye. What unique selection !

  85. I’d definitely snatch up the gnome hideaway. Amazing! But for me, the bolga basket…I’m learning to knit and it would be such a nice place to keep my gear.

  86. I have so much fun reading this blog! The small one would be perfect for my daughter’s art basket!

  87. easy choice- i know my children would make use of 24 silks!
    lovely stuff….

  88. A Toy Garden is a lovely place to shop!! My little girl would absolutely adore these baskets!
    I picked out a few items on the site i like a lot but I LOVE the rainbow stars puzzle!! I will be adding that to my holiday shopping list for sure!!
    Thanks so much for the amazinf giveaway!!

  89. WOW!!! I just love these baskets!! They are just gorgeous!!!

  90. I had such fun as a child with various musical instruments I was given by my mom (pan pipes, ocarina, etc), that I would get the Musical Instrument Set for a child.

    Thank you very much for the basket giveaway. They are really lovely.

  91. Being such a doll lover when I was a girl, I would have to say my favorite toy is the Sweetpea doll. When my neighbor girl comes over, she always wants to play dolls and I have to play along. Thanks for the lovely giveaway contest!

  92. How do you choose from so many lovely things in a great shop, but right now the crayon rocks and play silks are really what I would like to get for my girls.
    The baskets are great too!

  93. I love all of the felted doll. The seasonal dolls are beautiful.

  94. I have always loved kaleidescopes and really like the nature kaleidescopes. The baskets are very beautiful. What a wonderful giveaway.

  95. I really like the Gnome Hideaway since imagination and creativity would be key components of playing with this but my favourite would still be the Children’s Garden Set in Bag because I have a garden again after nine years without and I am just loving it and all the time that could be spent together learning about gardening and plants and bugs and weather…

  96. I would love to purchase the Colorful Doll House Stacker for my daughter! She’s just getting into dolls and would love it!

  97. I would love to have the Oval Large Market Basket, but any would do – these are gorgeous!

  98. If I had to choose one thing then it would be a birthday candle ring with rainbow candles….oops is that two things?! I love all of the rainbow goodies and have been drooling over bolga baskets for the last few years! Thanks to you all for this giveaway!
    ~ joey ~

  99. Those baskets are just lovely.
    Looking through the shop there are many things I really like such as the gardenopoly (never seen that before), the felt sets are just wonderful too.
    A favourite is hard to choose but I think the On the Go bags are a great idea, with lots of variety.

    Thankyou for the opportunity to win the basket. xx

  100. I love Toy Garden. We ordered silk scarves from them and were very happy with the product and their service. I would say that those scarves are the best gift to give because they can transform into anything with a bit of imagination. I would love a chance to win a basket for my children. They could put their silk scarves in them! Cheers.

  101. ohhhhhhh,I love these baskets!!What a great give away!
    I love the toy garden,all the natural play materials,
    I would love a stack of wool felt or a doll house or…..
    it’s just too hard to choose,aggggggh!Good luck everyone!

  102. There are so many things I would love to get from there! I really love the rainbow stacker mama and baby house blocks though!

    1. Also I posted this on my FB page

  103. I think if money was no object, I’d buy the rainbow ark. It’s beautiful. The whole website is fantastic, if I wasn’t in the UK and so the customs costs would be large, I think I could easily spend quite a lot of money on that site.

  104. Wow what a generous giveaway, not to mention really fun at the same time, I love dreaming a little bit especially about presents for my little ones 🙂 I have never visited the Toy Garden website before but will definitely be back. I would choose the complete set of playsilks for my girls. May three year old is just beginning to dress up often and my 10 month old loves playing peek-a-boo.

  105. The Oval Large Market Basket would look great sitting next to my seat filled with knit and crochet supplies. But I also really like the Sweet Dreams Silk/Flannel Blanket-Rainbow – it would be great for my soon-to-be baby.

  106. I would go for the deluxe on teh go bag for my friends little ones as they are always looking for something new to do and this would be ideal for them. The baskets are lovely too….

  107. If money and customs duty were no object (I’m in the UK), I could buy most of the things at Toy Garden, they are beautiful. The rainbow ark is fantastic and her dolls are beautiful. My daughter would adore them.

  108. I have 2 little girls at home who are so into making tea from the mint in out fairy garden. I would love to be able to buy them the flower fairy tea set. I have been carrying a large bolga basket to the farmer’s market for the past 2 years and love it!

  109. My girls would love the nature kalidescope kit. It looks really neat. Thanks.

  110. What a wonderful giveaway!!

    I first found A Toy Garden about 6 months ago and since then have been drooling over several things for my children and myself, as well. If money were not a factor, I would buy the Gnome Hideaway and the Child’s Wood Kitchen. The child’s Bolga baskets have been on my ‘wish list’ as well and this was the only place I found them. I first saw Bolga baskets last year at a Farmer’s Market I attend. I’m still saving to get one for myself and I thought how cute my two youngest children would be with baskets of their own. 🙂


  111. Everything at A Toy Garden is amazing. My favorite thing right now is the Rainbow Stars Puzzle. It just looks like hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike!

  112. How do you choose just one- but I’d go for those rainbow arches.

  113. I shared with my friends on facebook.

  114. I love these baskets, they really hold up well to toddlers and preschoolers!
    I hope I win!

  115. I have to say the herbal play beanbags. The colors are rich and they smell wonderful! Well made

  116. My son would love the felt sandwich!!

  117. I love the Organic Cotton Fruit set. I believe that teaching kids to eat healthy, (by not only eating healthy,) with Organic toys that resemble their foods is a wonderful way to achieve a positive attitude towards our garden favorites. That leads me to the Child’s Wood Kitchen & the Child’s Wood Refrigerator! Money is no object, so we’re going to need a place to store our organic fruits and veggies. The Wooded Eggs would also be a treasured item for my 1 year old. He loves to try to play with our farm fresh eggs in a basket. Which leads me right back to those lovely Bolga Baskets, great for our farm fresh eggs or picking up produce fresh from the garden or from our local farmers market. And what a way to enjoy it all by putting into something made right from nature, in nature. We’ve come full circle! Love & Light Everyone! ~Amy @ Amanita Hill

  118. If money was no object I would buy the chameleon puzzle for my son, and perhaps another one for his little cousin!

  119. They look so useful, too. I can think of about a dozen ways I could use them.

  120. For my girls I would love to get them the Wood Play Stands, and maybe the gorgeous silk farm mural… just beautiful!

  121. My daughter’s 3rd birthday is approaching. My 3 dream items for her are:

    Rainbow People Mover
    Wooden Play Stand
    Birthing/Nusing Doll

    peace! carol

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