Posy Applique Block


Thanks to Christy’s suggestion over at Sweet Tidings, I turned my outdoor Wall Flower into a cute Posy Applique Block. I know I’m always saying that “this was designed for a 6″ x 6″ block but the pattern can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs”. This is living proof, that even the smallest design can be scaled up, or visa versa. The Posy on the front of our house is over 6′ tall and the same design has been scaled down to a measly 6″! Also, for those of you concerned about your stitching… the blanket stitch and straight stitches on this flower are meant to be irregular… just like a real flower… so throw caution to the wind and enjoy some totally carefree stitching! You can find the pattern here or over in our FREE Applique Patterns. Enjoy!

1] 6 inches
2] 6 feet

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  1. It’s fun seeing the 2 of them side by side. I have a question about your big flower. Did you glue it together or screw is together? We want to make one. Also, what’s the diameter of your largest circle? Thanks.

    1. We glued the flower together with a heavy duty wood glue and then weighted it down while it was drying. Tim glued and screwed the leaves to the stem, and glued and screwed the stem to the flower. I painted the flower while it was in pieces. Tim had me leave as much of the area that would not be seen unpainted so the glue would adhere better. The largest flower circle has a diameter of 30". Good luck!

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