Calico Mason Jar Cover

Calico Mason Jar Cover

This is the simplest Mason jar cover around… so simple it hardly needs instructions!
Calico fabric
1/4″ ribbon
Mason jars

1] Find a round object (I used a 7″ sandwich plate) the size of the cover you want, and trace a circle on your fabric.

2] Using pinking shears, cut out the circle.

3] Unscrew the outside band of the Mason jar. Leave the lid on. Center the fabric circle over the lid and screw the band back on.

4] Tie the ribbon around the band. Trim ends to desired length. DONE!


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  1. I have a very small jelly operation. I’m looking for someone who can make jelly jar bonnets in a variety of designs to coordinate with the jelly–red for apple, peach for peach, etc. The easier to put on the better to keep the labor and therefore the price of the jelly down. I haven’t found anything on the internet which is reasonably priced. Any suggestions?


    1. Frankly, to keep the costs down… do it yourself! Just follow the directions above and you’ll have a top made in the time it takes to wipe down a jar. If you have something else in mind, sorry I can’t help you. I do know there are many people at that take special orders. Perhaps you can find something there. Good luck to you. Homemade jelly… yum! 

    2. Hi,
      My name is Annette Crain and I am a retired quilter, seamstress and grandmother to 4 adorable children.
      I was wondering if you were still in need of someone to help sew your jelly bonnets? I have some time available and would be interested in sewing them for you.
      Please let me know if you are still in need of someone to help you.
      I am a very precise seamstress and honest and FAST.
      Thank you and have a wonderful holiday weekend.
      Annette Crain

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