Can’t make a silk purse…

Can’t make a silk purse…

There’s an old maxim…You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I’d now like to start a new one…you can’t make a drop dead gorgeous outfit out of a potato sack! When Michelle asked me to “cuten up” a couple of plain jumpers, I tried, I really tried! But the outcome was not one of my finest hours!

Couple of problems, really. First…fabric content. Both jumpers had obscene quantities of polyester. I’m just not a polyester kind of gal. I like working with natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen. Second, neither jumper fit the girls well. In the pictures, we slipped the jumpers over the girls’ play clothes just to check for size. Fairy’s fit fairly well, put Pixie’s was…hmmm…let’s just say she looked like an extra on the set of Annie! 

I actually liked the embellishments. Fairy’s has a traditional Dresden Plate appliqued on her dress with an embroidered stem and curly leaves. Pixie’s has a flower and leaves from felt, blanket stitched on, with a meandering embroidered stem. But the designs and jumpers just didn’t play nicely together!

But, clothes are clothes, and the girls will wear the jumpers…perhaps not in public…but they will be used! And besides, Fairy and Pixie think they are beautiful! Yesterday Michelle mentioned how Pixie had a melt down when Michelle tried her dress on Fairy. So, big or not big, tacky or not tacky, the girls will wear their jumpers…proudly.  And, hey, they only cost $2.00 a piece!  


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  1. She is definitely being too hard on herself. The jumpers turned out pretty cute actually… it is just the fit that is way off. The flower turned out very cute.

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