A Pixie Peasant Skirt

A Pixie Peasant Skirt

Note: Tutorial for the peasant skirt can be found HERE.

It seems like lately everything I make for Pixie turns out too big and ends up in Fairy’s possesion. I think, in part, this is a fear of making something too small with no one else to hand it down to, but it also has a lot to do with funky pattern sizing (I swear I follow the directions).

This weekend Pixie was wearing her “cutened up” jumper (mentioned previously) and multiple people commented that it looked like a potato sack. I thought it was time to try it on Fairy. Oh, the tears. I was quite literally taking the shirt off her back! I must say it did in fact fit Fairy much better… and actually looked kind of cute on her (it did look like a potato sack on Pixie), but we quickly gave it back to Pixie. Poor girl.

So yesterday I was determined to make Pixie something, anything, cute that fit! I threw aside all patterns…figuring I couldn’t do any worse winging it! I rumaged around and came up with some scrapes that matched an Elf Hat I’ve been knitting for her.

A Peasant Skirt seemed like a great idea and definitely something I could just make on the fly. I managed to whip one up during nap time. The girls were up at the end, eagarly awaiting the finished product.



She was a very happy girl!



It wasn’t until later that I realised all the scraps I grabbed were left over from her baby blanket. It really was the perfect fit for Pixie!

I am working on typing up the pattern. Actually, I have it typed up… I just need to test it on a couple different sizes. Look for it shortly.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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  1. Thanks girls. I was quite pleased with it but more importantly Pixie loves it. It is a very fun skirt – I think I want one ;).

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