Cat and Mouse Banner

Cat and Mouse Banner

We are always encouraging our readers to use our applique patterns to meet your own needs. I have a little wall with shaker pegs where I hang my Easy Cotton Shawls. I wanted a little something above the pegs… something that added a little color and a lot of fun. I crafted a banner using our Running Kitty and Running Mouse. I added a few funky flowers, and a fun, tie-dyed border, and came up with combination that I love. Bug noticed it as soon as he came in the room. All the grandbabies were "oohing" and "ahhing" over it, and immediately noticed that it was like the cat and mouse running up our stairs. Leave it to Bug to say, "Say, Gammy. You need to paint flowers on the stairs for them to be more beautiful like this." Hmmm… I think he is right!

The completed size of our Cat and Mouse Banner is 20" x 7", but can easily be adapted to fit a different space. Also, although I’ve included a pdf with a couple of cloud shapes and some flower patterns, let your imagination run wild and embellish your banner any way you like. The directions and patterns for the Cat and Mouse Banner can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!



  1. I love this! My son loves cats. He saw this and told me he wants one. I told him I thought I could do it. Thank you for all your inspiring projects. My house is beginning to look like Wee Folk Art. Yay!

    1. Wow, it’s so cute! Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. You have such an eye for color and design. I absolutely love this. Once again I have to ask, do you ever plan to have a shop? I would love to buy the things you make!

  3. This is so adorable. I have just the place for it too. Can I ask where did you get the material? I love it. It looks like your rice bags so I’m kinda hoping it’s a fabric you just bought. I want to make this and I would love to use the same fabric. I’ve worked on my felt stash so I think I have all the felt it need. I love everything you do. Thanks tons.

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