Chalkboard Village

Chalkboard Village

When it comes to decorating our house for the seasons, Pixie is my "go-to" helper. Out of Michelle's 3 wee ones, she has the strongest interest in artistic pursuits, and arranging and showcasing our finished projects is almost as important to her as the project itself. She is forever collecting "props" to "stage" her work. We are certainly kindred spirits 🙂

I mentioned a few days ago that I had seen some City Chalkboard Blocks that were shared on Hello Bee. I loved the idea, and with the help of Tim, created a whole village. Here are the simple instructions for creating your own Autumn Village.

Pine lumber boards in 2" x 4", 2" x 6" and 2" x 8" widths. This can be construction grade, just check each piece and find those with minimal knots and imperfections. You want the surface as smooth as possible. 
Saw for cutting
Chalkboard Paint – I used chalkboard paint from Hudson Paint
Colored chalk

Using your saw, cut the boards into random sized houses. When you are done, sand well. The chalkboard paint works the best on smooth surfaces. Check out all the photos below to see the shapes we had.

Apply 3 coats of chalkboard paint to all surfaces of the houses. I used colorful paint on the 4 sides of the house and the bottom, then used a dark brown paint on the tops for roofs. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between each coat.

Allow the paint to dry for 48 hours before drawing on the houses with chalk. This was the hardest part of this whole project… waiting to draw on with chalk 🙂

Use a damp cloth to clean off the surface of the houses. Allow the surface to dry before drawing on again with chalk.

Now, arrange your houses. When the mood hits you, just clean off a surface and redo. Pixie had a blast arranging the houses on our seasonal hutch. I'm sure they will be redone and rearrange each and every time she's over 🙂

When Fairy saw the village the next day she was disappointed she didn't get to help draw on the houses. "No problem", I told her. Just get a damp cloth and erase a house and redo it!

Usually, when I am done crafting a project, it is "finished" and ready to be displayed or played with by the wee ones. The beauty of our chalkboard village is it is NEVER finished. With just a damp cloth you can redesign your village to suit your fancy whenever you are so inclined 🙂


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Mini Pumpkins

Paper Bag Trees
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  1. I look at all the wood projects you do and I’m so envious. We now live in an apartment and don’t even own a saw anymore! I could do the painting but not the cutting or sanding 🙁 You wouldn’t be interested in selling the wood cut out, sanded and ready to paint would you? I’m know I’m not the only one that would be interested in purchasing ready to paint wood for so many of the projects you do! Just a thought. BTW, I Love everything Pixie used to “stage” the houses. Last year I made some of the clay leaves although they don’t look as realistic as yours do but I like them. I want to make some of the pumpkins. So cute.

    1. I was thinking the very same thing! I also live in an apartment and do not own a saw. 🙂 I’d be happy to just be able to buy the shaped wood pieces, we can sand here outside. 🙂

    2. I wish we had the time to do that! As it is, I'm lucky to get the wood cut for my own projects. Perhaps when Tim retires… but that is still MANY years off! Maybe you can find someone in your community that might be willing to swap services. If they cut the wood for you, you will paint for them 🙂

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