Crazy Little Bird Applique Block

Crazy Little Bird Applique Block


Here is our Crazy Little Bird Applique Block. You’ll notice a few changes from the one on Pixie’s shirt, but all in all, it’s the same little guy. I made the pattern to fit on our 6″ x 6″ blocks. The one on Pixie’s t-shirt is about 85% the size of this one, but you can increase or decrease the size to meet your needs. I used light weight cotton calico for Pixie’s shirt. I then used Wonder Under to hold it together, and when that failed me, I simply stitched every which way over the whole design! You can always take the designs, add a 1/4″ all around, turn the seams under, and applique stitch the pieces in place. You can also use a running stitch about 1/8″ around the edge, leaving the raw edges exposed, allowing them to fray. The possibilities are endless… well, maybe not endless but numerous! This was a total hoot to design and to stitch. Watch for other “crazy” animals over the next few months. The pattern can be found in our FREE  Applique Patterns or HERE. Enjoy! 



  1. I’ll get the t-shirt finished now! It is so cute. I like the changes you made. I don’t have Wonder Under but I do have different cotton prints. Think I’ll leave the raw edges raw. Thanks again, Kimara!

  2. This is so bloody cute! Just discovered your blog. Awesome. I’m making it a favorite and can’t wait to make my way through all your back blogs. It’s like Christmas.

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