The Denim Dilemma

The Denim Dilemma

I remember a time when jeans were my go-to, super comfy, wear all the time wardrobe staple. Maybe this was because I spent my high school and college years sporting the 90s “grunge” look with loose, carpenter jeans (that were actually made out of cotton), flannel shirts, and generally comfy clothes. I stole sweaters from my brother’s Abercrombie & Fitch collection that were not skin tight (and always smelled like Woods cologne) and I wore boots, big old Doc Martins. Sure I had a few sweaters that barely met the top of my jeans, but for the most part, I was warm and comfortable and I loved my jeans which seemed to last forever. For proof… below is one of my high school senior portraits. Doesn’t that look comfy?!

Then something happened. My senior year in college the jeans started to change. The waist line started dropping. Lycra was added to everything. The fabric became a bit thinner. The knees wore out faster. My go-to brand just didn’t seem to fit right any more. Ever since then buying jeans has become a struggle. A joke really. My friends and I sit around bemoaning jeans shopping almost akin to bathing suit shopping. It is a shame. But worse yet is jeans shopping for my little girls.

My girls won’t wear jeans at least not girl jeans. They flat out hate them! And can you blame them? Below is a pair of typical girl jeans and boy jeans, both size 8 with the exact same length.

Pixie girl, who has a slight but athletic figure, can barely get her feet into the pair of girl jeans. The legs are cut so narrow that her feet get stuck going in. Once on, they are super tight through her thighs and backside but yet the waist band gaps exposing her underwear. The boy jeans get a hidden adjustable waist band but not a single pair of girl jeans we have bought over the years since the toddler sizes have been made with a similar adjustable waist band. The fabric also feels to be about 1/3 as thick as the boy pair offering almost no warmth.

My solution to this craziness… just buy the boy jeans! Fairy-girl has no problem bypassing the girl section and going straight for the boys’ pants. She is all about comfort and ease of movement. Hand-me downs from her brother, no problem. But Pixie likes the super sparkly, brightly colored, girl clothes. She likes that all the girl clothes seem to be embedded with glitter. She doesn’t like the idea of wearing “boy” jeans. I have now solved that problem too. Yay for my new Rhinestone Setter and rainbow rhinestones!

I now have the magical ability to turn any boy clothes into girl clothes by just adding a touch of bling.

I took an old pair of my son’s jeans and had Pixie help me design the pockets. We arranged the rhinestones in a rainbow pattern following the stitched pattern on the pockets.

To use the rhinestone wand, match the tip size to your stones then allow your wand to warm up for a couple of minutes. When your want is hot, carefully pick up a rhinestone in the wand, hold it up right for a few seconds until the glue melts. Sometimes the glue bubbles, but mostly it just turns shiny. This only takes a few seconds usually.

When the glue is melted, apply it to the spot where you want your stone. We have only had one dud so far in this bag of stones by Darcie.

Once we had the back pockets done, Pixie tried on her new jeans. She loved the design but was disappointed that she couldn’t see any of the sparkles herself so we decided to add some more to the front of the jeans.

I have one happy Pixie girl who now has a pair of jeans that she loves!

I’m not sure how long the rhinestones will stay in place since we just completed this project but she has worn them three days in a row now and they are all still firmly secured. My girls also have several store bought items with rhinestones that have held up through many washes. Hopefully these will be fine too. I will keep you posted. At least I can always replace one if it falls off.

Now I’m off to find more things to Bedazzle. Rhinestones are fun!

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  1. And they wonder why girls/women have body issues?!!  My is 9 and has a 26″ chest, to buy her the cool Frozen t shirts at Walmart I had to buy a 16!!  When we were kids, a girl’s 16 fit a girl who was almost 16 (I wore that size in grade 9).  Luckily, Ella hates wearing pants so she’s happy with the skirts and dresses I make.

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