Fabric Button Tutorial

Fabric Button Tutorial

Today we are going to learn how to make fabric buttons, using a button kit. This fabric button tutorial is very easy to follow and soon you will have a whole stash of new buttons. We have several projects that we plan to share in the next few weeks that feature fabric covered buttons. We though it would be wise to start with a fabric button tutorial.

We adore fabric buttons. They are a great way to use up scraps of fabric and will add a colorful touch to your handmade projects. They can also be used to dress up a store bought sweater or personalize hand-me-down clothes. Once you learn how to make your own fabric buttons, we are sure that you will find many uses for them.

fabric button tutorial featured image

Materials for Making Fabric Buttons:

fabric button tutorial tools needed

Fabric Button Kit Pieces:

Your fabric button kit should include everything that you need to make your fabric buttons, except for the fabric. You can also buy replacement parts to make more fabric buttons when you run out of pieces. Our kit included a fabric template, a clear rubber mold, a hard plastic pusher, several button shells, and your choice of backs with or without button shanks. Some kits do not include a plastic template but have you instead, cut out a cardboard template from the back of the box.

fabric button tutorial kit pieces


Directions for How to Make Fabric Buttons Using Your Kit:

fabric button tutorial trace template

Step 1: Trace your circle template onto the fabric. Be sure to line up the center of the template in the center of the image you would like on your fabric button.


fabric button tutorial cut-out fabric

Step 2: Cut out your fabric circles.


fabric button tutorial placing fabric

Step 3: Center your fabric circle, wrong side up, on top of the mold.


fabric button tutorial insert shell

Step 4: Place a button shell in the center of the mold and gently push it into the mold.


fabric button tutorial center image

Step 5: Flip your mold over and double check to see that your fabric design is centered correctly, if not make adjustments as necessary.


fabric button tutorial fold edges

Step 6: Fold over the fabric edges, into the center of your button.



When making a smaller button, you can use the pusher to help fold the edges of your fabric.


fabric button tutorial backing

Step 7: Place the backing of your choice into the mold. If you are using a button shank, be sure that the shank is orientated in the right direction for your image.


fabric button tutorial push back

Step 8: Use the pusher tool to snap the fabric button backing into place.


fabric button tutorial hammer

If you are having a hard time pushing the fabric button backing into place with your hands, you can lightly tap it with a hammer.


fabric button tutorial pop-out

Step 9: Pop your finished fabric button out of the mold by pushing on the button side of the mold.


fabric buton tutorial one done

Your fabric covered button is now complete. Make a matching set or a whimsical variety of fun fabric buttons.


fabric button tutorial finished

You can now use your fabric covered buttons to embellish all sorts of craft projects.


fabric button sweater dress up


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Brilliant! I will check for these kits the next time I am in the craft store… I love buttons- especially fabric ones!

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